Kiss – Kissology The Ultimate Kiss Collection Vol. 2 1975-1983 Companion DVD (Apocalypse Sound AS 191)

  Kissology The Ultimate Kiss Collection Vol. 2 1975-1983 Companion DVD
(Apocalypse Sound AS 191)  

When I saw the Apocalypse Sound was going to release the a follow up to Kissology The Ultimate KISS Collection Vol. 1I could not help but be excited. The three official released were fantastic and the companions give collectors the chance to see material that did not get included. 

KISS are undeniably a band that is just as much a visual things as a musical entity and they new to be successful you need to use the media to your advantage so we are blessed with a lot of great quality pro shot footage, a lot used for television promotion. Like the previous companion this comes house in a tri fold cover with art work similar to the official releases and adorned with relevant pictures and a breakdown of the footage on the inside. The DVD has the typical AS menu, simple and easy to navigate, another class act and must have for KISS fans.  

Midnight Special 1975, Deuce; After upgrading the version of Black Diamond here we get the opening song in fantastic quality. The band is energetic and the performance and quality are very good.

The Capital Center Largo,  Maryland November 30, 1975; Cold Gin, Rock and Roll All Nite, Let Me Go Rock And Roll; Excellent two camera pro shot footage of the band in the ALIVE! regalia, there are graphics over the film at times of the KISS logo and band silhouettes. The cover says this Lakeland, Fl. but Paul clearly says Largo on multiple occasions.

Circus Krone Munich Germany June 3, 1976; Detroit Rock City. Amazing footage recorded for SDR Scene show, brief footage of the band in a photo shoot and excellent live footage from the European tour. The venue is small and the stage is simple, the band and amplification and the footage is a three camera mix, the end of the clip includes an interview with the band for the TV show with interpreted announcer over the top.  

Rock And Roll Over and Love Gun promotional TV Commercial; both are 30 second commercial to promote the records that rely on voice overs and album art. both in excellent quality.

ABC News Special KISS in Portland, Or. August 13, 1977; Good quality done for ABC news, short live clips mixed with backstage footage and interviews. Funny to see Michael Ray, the correspondent from ABC news in KISS makeup at the end of the segment.

Alive II Live Promo 1977; an interesting promo of live clips set to music, live and studio cuts from the ALIVE II record. very good quality Double Platinum TV Commercial 1978, Solo Albums TV Commercial 1978, Dynasty TV Commercial; TV commercials to promote the releases, excellent quality.

Dynasty Tour Live Promo Film 1979; A commercial to promote the return of KISS to the concert stage, excellent quality.

ABC New Special 20/20 KISS in Cleveland July 19, 1979; Hugh Downs reporting on KISS, lots of backstage footage with interviews and live clips mainly talking and showing the merchandising the KISS is famous for.

Live clips include New York Groove, Black Diamond, Calling Dr Love, and Rock N Roll All Nite. Very Good quality. Hot Hero Sandwich TV Special from Mobile Alabama August 20, 1979; A fantastic behind the scenes look at the KISS touring machine with profiles of the lighting director and wardrobe supervisor. We gets lots of scenes of the roadies setting up the lighting with a birds eye view and KISS getting into to costume with live clips of Rock and roll All Nite, I Was Made For Loving You, Peter Criss Drum Solo, and Black Diamond. Very good quality.

Munchen Olympahalle September 18, 1980; Drum Solo Eric Carr, I Was Made For Loving You, Black Diamond, Talk To Me. Very good quality multi camera live footage of KISS interwoven with interviews. A very young looking Eric Carr in full Fox regalia, the band looks rejuvenated by a new member. There is a counter in the bottom left hand corner that does not distract, cool Unmasked era footage.  

Koln Sporthalle September 30, 1980; Firehouse, 2000 Man, Ace Frehely Solo, Gene Simmons Solo, Rock N Roll All Nite. More cool Unmasked footage, a special note is the giant KISS letters above the drum set, the SS are different as the German market considered the original version looked to much like Nazi SS.

Solid Gold 1981; I. Complete with an Andy Gibb introduction Kiss on Solid Gold, I can remember watching this and thinking what the F***. Short hair, no platform shoes and lip syncing but a great clip and very good / excellent quality.

Spanish TV 1982; Creatures Of The Night. Another lip sync performance, after a few lackluster records KISS looking and sounding like KISS, even a little heavier. Very good quality of a rare clip.

I’M Magazine 1983; KISS returns to America. A news show type from New Orleans talking about KISS playing in America, still trying to hide their identities, brief live clips with the War Machine style stage set up. Has some cool press conference footage from Marti Gras 1983, all in very good quality.

Rio De Janiero June 18, 1983; Rock N Roll all Nite, pro shot in excellent quality from some of the last shows done with makeup before huge South American audiences who are totally into the band. Also cool to see, this song and more can be found on the Kissology Vol 2.  

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  1. well chock it up to a brain fart, I looked back over the cover and you are correct it clearly states Landover.

  2. I hve the DVD AND cover here and it DOES say LANDOVER which is a suburb of LARGO where the Capital Centre is situated. It does NOT say LAKELAND as you state. Maybe you were mistaken by the excellent CD releases of the LAKELAND 1979 show on Godfather Records titled THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!? For the rest I can only agree with you on this excellent review!


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