Beach Boys – Carnegie Hall 1972 (Hang Ten 001)

Carnegie Hall 1972 (Hang Ten 001)

Carnegie Hall, New York, NY – November 23rd, 1972

(79:01):  1972 Radio Promo, Darlin’, Only With You, Heroes & Villians, Long Promised Road, Don’t Worry Baby, Student Demonstration Time, I Get Around, Marcella, California Saga, Help Me Rhonda, Wonderful / Don’t Worry Bill, God Only Knows.  Bonus tracks:  Barbara Ann, Surfer Girl, Wouldn’t It Be Nice, California Girls, Good Vibrations, Graduation Day

Welcome to Carnegie Hall 1972.  This is the Beach Boys without their main songwriter but still every bit as powerful.  The official members of the Beach Boys at the time were Dennis and Carl Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Blondie Chaplin, and Ricky Fataar.  The band run through some classics during this show as well as a few not so classic songs.  This stereo soundboard captures every little nuance of their performance.  Although not complete this performance is strong and well worth the listen.

The Beach boys have the Multi-Tracks for both nights of this Carnegie Hall run and are planning on possibly releasing them officialy.  If this happens I’m sure the sound quality will be an improvement although there’s really not much room for improvement.  I’m not a huge fan but did enjoy this release.  The packaging is simple and straight forward with a nice color stage shot of the band as the front cover.  If you are a fan please do yourself a favor and pick this up.  Even if it is officially released at some point you will be happy you had this release first.

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  1. Any suggestions on good sounding Beach Boys releases with Brian still in the band?


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