Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night (Dr. Ebbett DBM-001)


A Hard Day’s Night (Dr. Ebbett DBM-001)

A Hard Day’s Night, I Should Have Known Better, If I Fell, I’m Happy Just To Dance With You, And I Love Her, Tell Me Why, Can’t Buy Me Love, Any Time At All, I’ll Cry Instead, Things We Said Today, When I Get Home, You Can’t Do That, I’ll Be Back

The new silver release of A Hard Day’s Night (DMB-001) is the fourth release by Dr. Ebbett of the UK stereo LP.  The other releases are the UK mono LP (Parlophone (PSC 7016)), UK stereo LP (MFSL-1-103) which used noise reduction in the mastering process, UK stereo LP (Parlophone (PSC 3058)), UK stereo blue box remaster (PCS 3058).  In addition there are four versions of the US mono and stereo United Artists soundtrack from the film.  Other needle drop versions include editions by the Russian produced A Hard Day’s Night on CD Maximum (CDM 0500 425) with both UK and US soundtrack in stereo released in 2000, a version by Mirror Spock in 2001, two by Millenium Remasters in 2002, and a version by Sister Morphine in 2004. 

The UK version is closest to the Beatles’ original vision of this album and is different from the US edition since the latter is a true soundtrack to the movie.  The notable differences between the mono and stereo versions of the album are “A Hard Day’s Night” is a few seconds longer than the mono version, the stereo version of “I Should Have Known Better” has a brief gap in the harmonica introduction and has four repeats instead of three in the closing line, Lennon’s opening vocal is double-tracked on the stereo version of “If I Fell,” and “Tell Me Why.”   The sound quality on the DBM series is spectacular.  A characteristic of this release, and is common with all the titles in this series, is how difficult it is to determine its vinyl source.  It is so clean it sounds like it comes from the original master tapes.

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