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A new HMC release of the Beatles Japan 1966 shows.

TMOQ 25 Cover2

The HMC label return with a new DVD / CD hybrid release – It’s those Japanese shows again! The label promise us the best version of these recordings once again – a claim that has been made before with these shows but with no no subtitles, no logos, no station IDs, this should be a fantastically clear watch.

Extra bonus material is promised but it comes in the form of the Japanese support acts from the second evening, presumably excavated from the same vaults and in the same quality.

TMOQ 25 Cover2

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  1. Gonna ask a stupid question, why not Bluray? If the source is so great, wouldn’t it be worth it? I know the output is limited by the quality of the source, but this will probably be the umteenth time most of us buy this, it better be dramatically better.

    • My guess is that HMC don’t have the facilities to hand to have this pressed or mastered as a hi-def release. It has been a long time since I have seen a pressed Blu-Ray boot release – and I think the last was audio rather than visual. It would be been nice to see the Shea release as a blue-ray or the LIB release come to that but, if HMC CAN have it produced, hopefully with the LIB outtakes that were rumoured to be coming.

    • If these shows from Japan are on videotape, bluray would not provide an upgrade in picture quality. Most bluray bootlegs I have come across are BR-r discs not pressed. I am hoping this HMC release will be definitive in both picture and sound quality. Does anyone know when this is going to be released?

  2. I think this will be another winner from HMC. Word has it that they have a upgraded source for this. I don’t think they would bother if this was just a rehash of previous stock.

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