Beatles – ‘Beatles’ Big Night Out! 1963, 1964 & 1965 (Misterclaudel mccd-125/126/127)

‘Beatles’ Big Night Out! 1963, 1964 & 1965 (Misterclaudel mccd-125/126/127)

CD (65:12):  Blackpool Night Out 1964, ABC Theater, Blackpool, England – July 19th, 1964:  (source a) opening theme, A Hard Day’s Night, Things We Said Today, You Can’t To That, If I Fell, Long Tall Sally (incomplete) (source b):  A Hard Day’s Night (incomplete), Things We Said Today, You Can’t Do That, If I Fell, Long Tall Sally (source c) opening table sketch (source d) If I Fell.  Blackpool Night Out 1965, ABC Theater, Blackpool, England – August 1st, 1965:  (source a) Introduction, If Feel Fine, I’m Down, Act Naturally, Ticket To Ride, Yesterday, Help! closing theme (Can’t Buy Me Love) (source b) chat Ringo, I Feel Fine, I’m Down, Act Naturally, Ticket To Ride, Yesterday, Help! closing theme (source c) I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

DVD 1:  Big Night Out 1963/09/01 complete entire show with original audio.  Big Night Out 1963/09/01 complete entire show with remaster audio. 

Big Night Out 1964/02/23 film version with original audio, Big Night Out 1964/02/23 film version with remaster audio, Big Night Out 1964/02/23 video version with original audio, Big Night Out 1964/02/23 video version with remaster audio, Big Night Out 1964/02/23 ITV News Film

DVD 2:  Blackpool Night Out 1964/07/19 ITV News Film, Blackpool Night Out, 1965/08/01 TCR version, Blackpool Night Out 1965/08/01 no TCR version, Blackpool Night Out 1965/08/01 composed version.  Bonus Misterclaudel trailers

The Beatles made four appearances on the Mike and Bernie Winters BBC television variety program “Big Night Out” between 1963 and 1965.  Misterclaudel presents, on two DVD and one audio CD, the relevant documents surrounding these telecasts.  All of this material has been out before in the exact same audio and video quality (there is no major upgrade), but it is handy to have it all in one collection.  The first DVD contains the first two appearances, and both have several variations in their presentation.

The effect of Beatlemania in England is apparent through watching these shows in sequence.  The first time they appeared on “Big Night Out” was video taped on September 1st, 1963 at Didsbury Studio Centre in Manchester and air on September 7th.  Misterclaudel to their credit present the entire program with both the original and remastered audio.  The picture quality is the same good quality for both.  The sequence of the program ran:    

1.  Mike and Bernie Winters
2.  Lionel Blair Dancers
3.  Patsy Ann Noble
4.  Billy Dainty
5.  Mike and Bernie Winters
6.  Lionel Blair Dancers
7.  Mike and Bernie Winters
8.  Patsy Ann Noble
9.  Sally & Bobby Barnes
10. Beatles – From Me To You
11. She Loves You
12. Twist and Shout
13. I Saw Her Standing There

“Big Night Out” falls between the release of their first LP Please Please Me in March and their second LP With The Beatles in November.  The Beatles appear at the very end of the program on a set resembling the Cavern in Liverpool miming to their first two sings “From Me To You” and “She Loves You” and two songs from their first LP “Twist And Shout” and “I Saw Her Standing There.”  Even though they were in the closing spot, they are presented as the latest fad in the hit parade.  The cast comes onto the stage to dance the twist during “I Saw Her Standing There” as the credits roll.  The only difference between the “original” and “remastered” audio lies in the Beatle sequence.  The “remastered” audio has the better sounding singles synced to the performance.

The next time  The Beatles appeared on “Big Night Out” occured several weeks after their breakout performance on Ed Sullivan.  This was filmed at Teddington Studio Centre, London on February 23rd and aired on February 29th, 1964 and this time they are the focus of the program.  Their triumph is acknowledged and their return to England.  The program stars with Mike Winters in Beatle wig and suit, an explosion and the band coming through the wall.  The opening credits focus on the Beatles returning home, going through customs with suitcases full of money.  The other skits focus on Bernie being a member of the group and the group reading fan letters asking Bernie to sing Beatle songs including “All My Luggage.”  After the comedy bits they mime to “All My Loving,” “‘I Wanna Be Your Man,” “‘Till There Was You,” “Please Mister Postman” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”  “Money (That’s What I Want)” was also filmed but never show.

Their third appearance on “Big Night Out,” and the second time in 1964 was on July 19th.  The Beatles performed more comedy sketches with Mike and Bernie Winters and performed “A Hard Day’s Night,” “And I Love Her,”  “If I Fell,”  “Things We Said Today,” and “Long Tall Sally.” Somewhat carelessly you might think, ABC seem to have misplaced this film as well, though the audio exists and some still photographs.  The only video extant is a short clip with Ringo on a gurney in front of the rest of the band.

The final time on “Blackpool’s Big Night Out” is a live concert filmed on August 1st, 1965.  Of all the appearances this is the only one where they play live and, as it turns out, is their only television appearance in Britain to promote the Help! LP (other shows had to run pre-recorded clips instead.)

Blackpool Night Out was made by ABC TV, and was filmed at the ABC Theatre in Blackpool.  It was shown by all but one of the ITV companies across the UK, in a live broadcast between 9:10 pm and 10:05pm.  The Beatles begin with “I Feel Fine” followed by a tight version of “I’m Down.”  Like in the Shea Stadium footage weeks after this John Lennon plays the electric piano with is elbows with a wide grin on his face. 

Ringo introduces himself for “Act Naturally” saying:  “And now we’d like to do something we don’t often do, give someone a chance to sing who doesn’t often sing, and here he is all out of key and nervous, singing ‘Act Naturally,’ Ringo!”

“Ticket To Ride” features great harmony between John and Paul and George almost flubs the solo.  Paul McCartney sings “Yesterday” on his own. It was the first time the song had been performed on British television and there is an amusing skit onstage where John gives Paul a bouquet of flowers only to have then snap in Paul’s hand, leaving him holding the stems. 

Lennon introduces the final song as “Our latest record, or our latest electronic noise, depending on whose side you’re on.”  This appearance is great enough to be used officially with “I Feel Fine,” “Ticket To Ride,” “Yesterday” and “Help” appearing on Anthology 2 in 1996.  Three different versions are on the DVD.  A great looking video with TCR, a mediocre looking transfer with no TCR and a “composed” version that looks and sounds wonderful. 

The audio CD contains several sources for the “missing” episode from July 1964.  Source “A” is a pristine recording of the set except that “Long Tall Sally” cuts out in the middle.  Source “B” has the complete performance in a fair mono recording.  Its advantage over the first source is a complete “Long Tall Sally.” 

Source “C” is the opening table sketch.  This is the audio the short clip seen in the newsreel with Ringo laying on the gurney and source “D” is a great sounding recording of “If I Fell” only. 

The rest of the audio disc contains two different sources for the August 1st, 1965 appearance.  Both are in very good quality although the first source sounds less distorted than the second. 

‘Beatles’ Big Night Out! 1963, 1964 & 1965 is packaged in a fatboy jewel case with several inserts advertising other Misterclaudel releases.  Overall this is a very comprehensive collection of several important Beatle television performances.           

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