Beatles – Beatles For Sale (DBM-003)


Beatles For Sale (DBM-003)

No Reply, I’m A Loser, Baby’s In Black, Rock And Roll Music, I’ll Follow The Sun, Mr. Moonlight, Kansas City / Hey Hey Hey, Eight Days A Week, Words Of Love, Honey Don’t, Every Little Thing, I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party, What You’re Doing, Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby

EMI/Parlophone first released Beatles For Sale (CDP 7 46438 2) in 1987 using the mono version of the LP.  An interesting release of the stereo version surfaced ten years after that on Beatles For Sale (Odeon SMO 83790), which copied the German stereo version with outtakes from that period.  Fabulous Sound Lab released Beatles For Sale (fs-1004) digitally processed using HDCD mastering in 2000 and collectors comment this release sounds very warm and natural sounding but with the vocals flat in the mix.  Mirror Spock (PCS 3062) released a version of the UK stereo edition in 2001. 

The following year saw the release of Beatles For Sale (Millennium U.K. Collection) (PMC 1240/MFSL 1-104) on Millennium Remasters, disc four of a seventeen-disc set limited to one hundred copies.  This contains both the mono from the early eighties box set and the stereo version from the 1982 MFSL box set.  Again the sound quality is very good although it does have a tad more surface noise and flatter EQ than the corresponding Dr. Ebbett release.  In 2003 the fake MFSL release of Beatles For Sale  (DLH-1-104) surfaced with a transfer remastered for higher output level.  In 2004 the Millennium Remasters label issued two versions. 

The Millennium Red Collection (EAS 70133/EAS 80553) contains versions of the Japanese mono and stereo editions, and the U.K. Collection (PMC 1240/PCS 3062) contain excellent vinyl transfers of the mono “black” box set from 1982 and the stereo “blue” box set from 1978.  The Dr. Ebbett label released Beatles For Sale four previous times.  The first is the MFSL copy of the UK stereo version (MFSL-1-104) in 2000.  Slight noise reduction was used, but this was singled out for particular praise.  Two years later they released both the UK mono version (PMC 1240) and the UK stereo (PCS 3062).  Regarding the latter, come collectors complained about audible static “ticks” and a crispy stereo. 

In 2006 Dr. Ebbett came out with the UK stereo blue box edition (PCS 3062) which, as one person states, has the best sound ever offered on a Beatles CD.  The DBM series of the blue box is different from the PCS in being pressed on silver discs and with the artwork being in MFSL style.  The assessment claiming this is the best sounding Beatles CD is exaggerated, but there is some truth.  The clarity and gain are such that this sounds as if it were recorded yesterday and not over forty years ago.  Compared to the other worthy versions on the market, this has a tremendous presence and makes one wonder why EMI don’t release their Beatles CD sounding as good as this one.

N.B.  Although called Dr. Ebbett, these releases are silver pressed and only appropriate the name of the well known audiophile needle-drop CDR label.  In fact they have nothing to do with the real Dr. Ebbett.  However, it is good to have these releases on silver pressed commercially produced titles to make this elitist label available to all.  

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