The Beatles – Can You Hear Me? (Secret Garden SGCD-11)

Can You Hear Me? (Secret Garden SGCD-11)

Shea Stadium Introduction (Shea Stadium – August 15th, 1965) / Some Other Guy (Cavern Performance with Bob Wooler’s simple introduction – Aug. 22nd, 1962) / Some Other Guy (Cavern Performance with full intro from Bob Wooler and full outro by John Lennon – Sept. 5th, 1962) / Red Hot, Shimmy Like Kate, Sheila, Red Sails In The Sunset (Hamburg Performance – December 31st, 1962) / Twist And Shout, I Saw Her Standing There, She Loves You (Southport  – August 27th, 1963, Upgrade From Mersey Sound) / She Loves You, Twist And Shout, From Me To You (Manchester – Nov. 20th, 1963 recorded by Pathe for an eight minute newsreel) / Roll Over Beethoven (No cut in the second verse), Roll Over Beethoven (From Reuters newsreel), She Loves You (From Reuters newsreel) Washington DC – Feb. 11th, 1964 / She Loves You, Twist And Shout (NME Poll Winners Concert  – April 26th, 1964 reverberant alternate mix) / Stockholm concert introduction (Stockholm – July 28th, 1964 from Swedish newsreel)

Hollywood Bowl – August 23rd, 1964:  Twist And Shout (CV Alternate Stereo mix by Capitol for The Beatles’ Story), Twist And Shout (Video Scrapbook from Encore Entertainment), All My Loving (Video Scrapbook from Encore Entertainment), She Loves You (Hollywood Star Newsreel), Shout (Sung by audience. From an amateur film), Twist And Shout (From an amateur film), You Can’t Do That (From an amateur film), All My Loving (From an amateur film), She Loves You (From an amateur film), Things We Said Today (From an amateur film), Roll Over Beethoven (From an amateur film), I Want To Hold Your Hand (From an amateur film), Boys (From an amateur film), A Hard Day’s Night (From an amateur film), Long Tall Sally (From an amateur film)

You Can’t Do That, All My Loving, She Loves You (Toronto – September 7th, 1964.  Unedited footage that was partially used in the television program “This Hour Has Seven Days.”) / She Loves You (Mystery Recording (date unknown) Recorded at an unknown 1964 concert venue.) / She’s A Woman, Ticket To Ride, Long Tall Sally (NME Poll winners’ Concert – April 11th, 1965.  Alternate mix with reverb and louder audience.) / I Feel Fine (Paris – June 20th, 1965 evening show.  Upgrade without the tape glitch.) / Twist And Shout, She’s A Woman (Hollywood Bowl – August 30th, 1965 from unidentified newsreel footage.) / MC’s Intro, Twist And Shout, John’s intro to Dizzy Miss Lizzie, Can’t Buy Me Love, I Wanna To Be Your Man, A Hard Day’s Night (San Francisco – August 31st, 1965 Live In San Francisco DVD and KGO-TV newsreel) / MC’s Intro, She Loves You, interruption of the show (Cleveland – August 14th, 1966 from an unidentified newsreel) / Rock And Roll Music, Paperback Writer (Memphis – Aug. 19th, 1966 from an unidentified TV report). / She’s A Woman, Baby’s In Black, Nowhere Man  (San Francisco – August 29th, 1966 possibly from KRON- TV newsreel) / Red Hot (Hamburg – Dec. 31st, 1962 complete version)

Can You Hear Me? is a follow up release to Secret Garden’s We’d Like To Carry On released last year.  It collects little snippets of recordings from many different sources that haven’t been released before.  Many come from professional sources and sound very good.  Others come from amateur sources and are very difficult to listen to. 

Most of the tracks are very fragmentary further obscuring the origin and interest in this collection.  The first track is John Lennon’s speaking the title to this collection.  The next two tracks are “Some Other Guy” both from the Cavern and sound very good and are complete.  The following four tracks are from Hamburg and are very good sounding fragments.  The next three songs come from a television broadcast and are in excellent quality.  The following newsreel footage from Manchester sounds acceptable and is again very fragmentary. 

The Washington D.C. fragment is very good quality with “Roll Over Beethoven” from two different sources.  The New Musical Express Poll Winners’ concert contains both “She Loves You” and “Twist And Shout” complete in excellent quality.  These tracks are probably the best thing about this release.

The Stockholm concert introduction lasts only a few seconds and is an announcer introducing the band to a screaming audience in poor quality. 

The fifteen tracks following this make up the bulk of the collection and are snippets from various sources of The Beatles’ August 23rd, 1964 Hollywood Bowl concert.  The first “Twist And Shout” is complete and in excellent quality.  The newsreel footage is in very good quality, while the rest of the armature film footage is in poor quality and very fragmentary. 

The next three tracks come from the September 7th, 1964 television broadcast in fair sound quality and in fragments.  The three-song set from the NME Poll Winners’ concert in 1965 is very good as is “I Feel Fine” from Paris.  The rest of the release also comes from various newsreels all in various quality ranging from poor to good. 

The San Francisco material is probably the best while the Cleveland show, which sounds like degenerates into a riot, is the worst sounding of the bunch.  The collection ends with an excellent and recording of “Red Hot” from Hamburg in 1962, the same recording that appeared as a fragment at the beginning of the disc.  I don’t know if these are complete fragments or if Secret Garden released them this way but it does provide a tantalizing glimpse into what are out there. 

This collection could be improved if they released more complete documents if available.  As it is this is good for the Beatle collector who already has everything and wants more but I don’t see its appeal to the more casual collector. 

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