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New releases for March 15th, 2008

Misterclaudel will release Red Rose Speedway Sessions.  This is a two disc set containing sessions and alternate takes from the Wings LP.  The setlist is:

<Disc One>
01. Big Barn Bed (Rough Mix)
02. My Love (Promotional Film Soundtrack)
03. Get On The Right Thing (First Remaster Version)
04. One More Kiss (First Remaster Version)
05. Little Lamb Dragonfly (First Remaster Version)
06. Single Pigeon (Rough Mix)
07. When The Night (Rough Mix)
08. Loup – 1st Indian On The Moon (Rough Mix)
09. Medley (First Remaster Version)
(a) Hold Me Tight
(b) Lazy Dynamite
(c) Hands Of Love
(d) Power Cut
10. I Would Only Smile (Rough Mix)
11. Night Out (Rough Mix)
12. The Mess (Studio Version Rough Mix)
13. Thank You Darling (Unreleased Track Rough Mix)
14. I Lie Around (Single Version)
15. Country Dreamer (Single Version)
<Disc Two>
01. Hi Hi Hi (Promotional Film Soundtrack)
02. C Moon (Promotional Film Soundtrack)
03. Live And Let Die (Quadrasonics Version)
04. Tragedy (Rough Mix)
05. Mama’s Little Girl (Rough Mix)
06. Seaside Woman (Rough Mix)
07. Bridge Over The River Suite (Instrumental Backing Track)
08. Jazz Street (Unedited Long Version)
09. Jazz Street (Edit Version)
10. Henry’s Blues (Amsterdam 20 Aug 1972)
11. “1882” (Hague 21 Aug 1972)
12. The Mess (Hague 21 Aug 1972 Soundboard)
13. The Mess (Hague 21 Aug 1972 Audience)
14. Best Friend (Antwerp 22 Aug 1972)

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