Paul McCartney & Wings – Wings Multi Tracks (Misterclaudel MCCD-162/163)

 Wings Multi Tracks (Misterclaudel MCCD-162/163)

Disc 1 (66:26):  HI HI HI Vocal + Chorus, Guitar, Guitar, Guitar + Sound Effect, Bass, Drums.  JUNIOR’S FARM Vocal + Chorus, Guitar Guitar + Keyboards, Guitar + Keyboards, Bass, Drums.  JET Vocal + Chorus, Brass and Horns, Guitar + Keyboards, Bass, Drums

Disc 2 (73:56):  BAND ON THE RUN, Vocal + Chorus, Guitar + Keyboards + Acoustic Guitar, Guitar + Key Boards + Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards + Brass and Horns + Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums + Clapping.  Bonus tracks “Twin Freaks” production acetate, The Mark Haefeli tape:  Darkroom, Lalula, Long Haired Lady (Reprise), Maybe I’m Amazed – Momma Miss America, Mumbo, Really Love You, Rinse The Raindrops, Temporary Secretary, What’s That You’re Doing

Bootlegs exist to give collectors a view of the artist which is otherwise inaccessible.  It’s great to hear live performances, but also revealing to hear them at work in the studio.  Wings Multi Tracks presents isolated tracks from four Wings songs:  “Hi, Hi, Hi,” “Junior’s Farm,” “Jet” and “Band On The Run” which were “mixed” by “Guitar Hero Productions.”

Each of the fours songs are presented in the vocal track, the various guitar parts, keyboards and effects, bass and then drums.  Hearing these are beneficial because it highlights parts of the arrangements that are otherwise buried in the mix.  This works the best, for example, when you can hear just how bizarre the keyboard, brass and horn section in “Jet” sounds alone.  

It’s of particular note that the two Band On The Run tracks, “Jet” and “Band On The Run,” feature Paul himself on drums since Denny Seiwell quit right before they went to Lagos to write and record the album.

The bonus tracks are quite interesting.  These are more of the Twin Freaks remixes, which are a collaboration between DJ Freelance Hellraiser and McCartney.  Hellraiser opened for McCartney on the 2004 by presenting twenty-five minutes of re-mixed McCartney tracks.  McCartney himself speaks about this project as:  “Those of you who were there for the European Tour will have heard our DJ, Freelance Hellraiser, cooking up some mixes before we came on and people have been enquiring about these mixes ever since. Well the good news is he’s put together an album called ‘Twin Freaks’ using fragments from my original multi-tracks which we hope will rock your little cotton socks!”  Misterclaudel present forty-five more minutes from this collaboration in a from the Mark Haefeli acetate.

The sound quality on all of the tracks is uniformly excellent.  Misterclaudel received a bit of criticism because there are more isolated tracks in circulation.  However, for what it is, Wings Multi Tracks is an interesting release.                                                                                           

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