New Beatles and McCartney releases on Audiofön

The Audiofön label have announced 5 new titles for imminent release!


“Free Now – Magical Mystery Tour; Back To Basics and More” is a compilation of Rockband styled multitrack extractions and home video mixes.


“A Yellow Submarine Adventure and More Remarkable Tracks” features more multitrack extractions, segments of the tracks played through the short-lived “Yellow Submarine Adventure” ride, bunched in with some stereo monitor mixes.


“Reconstructed Multi-tracks” Features multi tracks from 3 specific Beatles tracks – “Hello Goodbye”, “Hey Bulldog” and possibly most thrilling of all, “I Am The Walrus”. The track that benefited the most from the 2009 remasters.

Their McCartney releases are altogether newer;


“Paris Vs Madrid” features 6 songs from each show from the same selection of 2004 soundboards that the HMC label have been using previously. Here though – Madrid, Spain 30th, 2004 and Paris, France 24th June, 2004 – the full recordings are not available so the label have used a single disk compilation to slot them together with Macca’s Meat Free Monday rap from earlier this year.


Finally and most excitingly the label have released the recordings Paul and his band made for Jools Holland’s BBC show in 2010 when promoting the BOTR Archive reissue. Four songs, “Jet”, “1985”, ‘Let Me Roll It” and “Band On The Run” were recorded but in a brilliant scoop, the label have also found the rehearsals made that day for the show and present over 50 minutes of these too. It’s one of the best McCartney leaks for a while!

** Post edit – The packaging for these CDs is said to be the shorter gazette style covers like the Delany and Bonnie DVD on the Joker Empressa label. **

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