New Beatles Live release on HMC

New live Beatles "Aunties Fantasy" CD on HMC.

New live Beatles “Aunties Fantasy” CD on HMC.

I’ll let the press release do the talking for the moment .. 

“Aunties Fantasy (In Finger Licking Quality)

Part 1


first broadcast on 5 May 1999 on BBC Radio 2 and hosted by your old mate, Brian Matthew himself!

The BBC came up with the idea to compile together various live recordings and cre­ate a ‘fantasy concert’ to showcase the performing Beatles across the years. The songs were chosen from radio shows, TV performances, actual live concerts and even one from the infamous outdoor rooftop concert in January 1969.

Part 2

*Kicking off this second disc is a completely new and previously unheard recording – a live rendition of All My Loving from the Johanneshov Isstadion, Stockholm on 28 July 1964.

*Followed by The Hollywood Bowl.

We now present yet another version that has recently been unearthed and made its way down the Beatles’ helter skelter of destiny, once again sounding cleaner than all previous versions.

*To round off this collection, we present the soundtracks from a series of Pathé newsreels that contain some intriguing insights into the live Beatles.

From the original master tapes.

The recording of “All My Loving” from Sweden presumably comes from the radio broadcast mentioned on the review of Unicorn’s “Early Years 1962 – 1966” and the recording of the Hollywood Bowl is a much lauded upgrade to the previous releases. 

Should be an interesting new release for Beatles – fanatics. 

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