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New Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Beatles from Tarantura

The Tarantura label ramp up productivity and have released 3 new releases this week.


First up is a releases on their ‘Nice Price’ imprint, “Matching Head”, a Deep Purple release from Gaelic Park, Riverdale, NY, USA. originally released by the label as “Machine Head” from the tour of the same name. This particular show was recorded on the 31st August 1972.PR00102264417


“The Day of Tony’s Illness” is a Black Sabbath offering from Tuesday, 18th Nov. 1980 at the Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan. Recorded by Mr. Peach. 

The show was aborted after only 70 minutes due to Tony Iommi’s illness, the same illness that helped cancel the following nights show too. 


The final release is a Beatles release – a version of an old TMOQ LP “Peace Of Mind” – complete with a booklet, picture disk and era styled sleeve. It contains nothing new but the best available version of this old LP for collectors.


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  1. Sounds like the Tarantura Bronx release may be the same source as the Darker than Purple release then. Can’t help you on the Speed King question CAE but good luck and let us know if you figure it out.

  2. Careful Axeman Eugene

    although no one replied to my plea for help above until somebody finally e-mailed me yesterday, i did manage to get the new DP “Matching Head” myself a couple weeks ago. i don’t have any other versions of the same show to compare it to, but i would say that the sound quality isn’t bad…it’s a fairly good audience recording that i personally like & enjoy, but certainly not great or excellent by any means. at the very worst, it’s an average audience recording, and at the very best, it’s a somewhat above-average one.

    now, could somebody please try to help me in regards to my recent live Speed King question(s) at https://www.collectorsmusicreviews.com/deep-purple/deep-purple-definitive-nagoya-1975-calm-storm-052/#comments ? i may need to know ASAP in order to make some decisions concerning making some CD orders. thankx

  3. Same here on the DP Gaelic Park title. Is it better than the Darker Than Blue “The Bronx” title which is VG quality for the time? I was at that show so would love to know if it is the same tape or an upgrade.

  4. Does anyone have news regarding the new Deep Purple title? I’m mostly interested about the sound quality. Is it worth getting?

  5. Careful Axeman Eugene

    can anybody help me get that Deep Purple at a reasonable price? i’ve very rarely ever collected Tarantura, and my last one was quite a long time ago, so i wouldn’t know where to search first.

    thanx for any help. you can email me at xyzXYZee “at” aol “dot” com. thankx

  6. Point taken over the TMoQ / Contraband release spinalcrackerbox. I’ll agree with you about piece of mind. With due respect to the original singer it’s certainly not a Beatles tune by any means but then, he never claims that it is either.
    I think you answered your own question on the second half. Beatles collectors are nothing but an obsessive lot and I’ll include myself in that. If it looks good and makes me feel nostalgic, I’ll buy it.

  7. Peace Of Mind was originally a release on the Contraband label, Not TMoQ smoking pig. The ‘outtake’ “Peace of Mind” is not by the Beatles at all, as has been argued (and I agree with this conclusion myself).


    The song appeared as an upgrade on Wizardo’s vinyl boot Dr. Robert…? (WRMB 378) – the Contraband LP is really not worth having overall, unless they used upgrades from a different source and even then, it’s not exactly an exciting release, so what is the point of this – except to cash in on some nostalgia?

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