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  1. This will be HMC’s second foray into The MMT.

  2. I’m sorry but I still can’t see the trailer. If I click on the link, it tries to open and new page but the page never opens. 😭

    • It’s still working for me, MrSoul. Can you change browsers maybe or just try again? Admittedly, it’s kind of hidden but all you should need is to click on ‘trailer’, et voila!

  3. Well I can’t seem to watch the trailer but I love The MMT . Where’s that BBC upgrade HMC mentioned way back with the Lennon Holy Grail release ? Any idea Stu ?

    • Fixed it! You should now be able to feast your eyes.
      As for the BBC set, I mentioned to someone on the Facebook group that the recent Unicorn set was the best place to go as an alternative for the BEEB rendering that was suggested but we will, in time, find out what the HMC label have planned.

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