New Paul McCartney on DAP

From the recent ‘Two Of Us’ torrent, the DAP label have released, ‘The World Tour Premiere’. Captured at the Lyceum Theatre, New York on the 24th of August, 1989, this very good audience recording was released earlier this year and is new to the torrent / bootleg circuit.

From the original torrent notes;
“First on the agenda was a handful of dress rehearsals spanning a few months. For the NYC stop on this promotional/rehearsal barnstorm he did both a press conference and a mini-rehearsal in the afternoon which the press was allowed to film, this footage has circulated for some time.

There was also planned a full dress rehearsal in the evening at the 900 seat broadway theater for invited members of his fan club. Additionally, the first 100 fans in line at the venue were granted free entrance even if not members of the fan club and that’s how “Two Of Us” gained access.

To my knowledge this evening dress rehearsal has not previously surfaced.

The first four minutes of the performance suffers from wow & flutter (clears at 4:03), but other than that, Two Of Us did an exceptional job capturing what was described by them as “a pretty intense event”.

As you can imagine the crowd was insanely noisy but I’ve spent the last two weeks cleaning the capture of as many external noises as possible without damaging any music. There are still the occasional scream that could not be removed but removing the majority of the guy yelling “thank you” and “we love you” was half the battle.

As mentioned, the afternoon’s activities have circulated for a while but from what I can find this is the first time we get to here the complete evening rehearsal and what a treat it is. ”

As well as the dress rehearsal itself, DAP have included the short soundcheck before the show and round up the set with the press conference from the day too.

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