The Beatles – Around The World In ’64 (Unicorn Records UC-177)


The Beatles “Around The World In ’64” (Unicorn UC-177)

ABC Cinema, Blackpool, England. July 19, 1964 – Intro / A Hard Days Night / Things We Said Today / You Can’t Do That / If I Fell / Long Tall Sally
Johanneshovs Issatadions Stockholm, Sweden. July 28, 1964 – I Saw Her Standing There / You Can’t Do That / She Loves You / All My Loving / Roll Over Beethoven / Can’t Buy Me Love / I Wanna Be Your Man
Convention Hall, Philadelphia, USA. September 2, 1964 – Opening / Twist And Shout / You Can’t Do That / All My Loving / She Loves You / Things We Said Today / Roll Over Beethoven / Can’t Buy Me Love / If I Fell / I Want To Hold Your Hand / Boys / A Hard Days Night / Long Tall Sally (61:07)

Another time around for the newly discovered / released Johanneshovs Issatadions show that at least 4 other labels have released so far (Misterclaudel, SGT, Empress Valley, Rough Kuts .. this includes a version of the audio on Blu Ray -R, which makes no sense, pulling files that were released on to the internet as MP3s and trying to bump up the audio rate) but regardless, with more than likely a few more to come the ever proficient Unicorn label have also done their job in releasing this show with two other newly discovered upgrades however, they’ve not made it the star of it’s own CD and have instead, wisely, put the show in chronological context, sandwiched between two other fairly recent 1964 concerts.

The first of these shows was also released on the Misterclaudel Sweden CD from earlier this year from two differing sources – I deferred from writing about the Blackpool show at the time, instead pointing you, dear reader, to the review by gsparaco of the previously released set,, his review was however, fair to moderate, the cross section of different sources bumping uneasily against each other, “If I Fell” was cut in the middle.  The show here is reasonable – a little cloudy, sounds like it was taped from the TV rather than master reels – one can only imagine how many of these broadcasts were captured in the 60’s including the involuntary sounds of the family dog barking or cutlery in the sink being washed – Paul’s bass a touch too loud but against previous editions of this show – it’s certainly a shade above, meriting it’s ‘upgraded source’ label.

The Stockholm show, as mentioned, launched to the internet in late July 2014. An incomplete stereo soundboard of seven songs in fantastic sound, apparently leaked by a Swedish collector who was savvy about not releasing the full piece. Unicorn have used the same parts of the tape as everyone else has. While other labels have given the set a bit of a polish and a buff, Unicorn have left the audio as it was, hey, if it’s not broke, why fix it? It’s a great soundboard, albeit missing both John and Ringo’s microphone feeds.

The Convention Hall, Philadelphia set recently saw release from the Far East on the Idol Mind label as an expensive single disk release, the soundboard taken from the ‘off-reel master’ rescued from the archives of the radio station who originally broadcast the show. Stated as a ‘fresh soundboard’, this release should have succeeded the version original released on Great Dane’s “Fair State To Hollywood”, upgraded on Yellow Dog’s “Ultimate Live Collection Vol. 1”, 2 disk set. After a close A-B of both the Yellow Dog set and this new source, while the tape appears to be the same length, the tape that IMP and Unicorn have used is a very good upgrade. While a little hissy, because of it’s no-noising It’s not substantial as the tape was very good anyway but this new transfer sounds a little beefier, dare I say a little less irritating on the ears – cross referencing “Twist And Shout”, YD’s version seems to let the music dip a little while John’s voice gets louder, the same can be said of this tape, the dip isn’t quite so obvious, it doesn’t leave as much separation between the two. “All My Loving” is less shrill, John’s guitar, a little less cutting.
The slightly annoying thing is that there’s a click at the join between tracks. It’s not loud but it is noticeable and once you know it’s there, you hear it each time.

A great way to own these recordings together without splashing out on at least 3 or 5 disks together, the only annoyance being the click between the final set of songs. A great effort though.

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  1. This is a great disc. In my opinion, the Philadelphia show is a full grade up from previous releases. Sounds great. Thanks for the review , Stuart.


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