The Beatles – Beatle Tour Capitol Mono Acetate (Unicorn Records UC-144)

Beatle Tour Capitol Mono Acetate (Unicorn Records UC-144)

(41:57):  Introduction, Childhood – Paul, John, George, Ringo, Musical beginnings – John, George, What if The Beatles hadn’t happened – Paul, Opinions of Beatlemania – Ringo, John, Comments about last San Fransisco concert 31 August 1965 – John, Being labeled “The Quiet Beatle” – George, The business end of Beatlemania – George, Individual personalities – Paul, Marriage – John, Parenthood – Ringo, Bachelor Beatles, engagment rumors, and marriage preperations – George, Paul. John, Ringo, The Beatles’ music and future – John, Writing successful songs – George, Protest songs – Ringo, Humor and jokes – Paul, Dogs and pets – Ringo, Paul, “Yesterday” – Ringo, Paul
Flying – George, Goodbyes – John, Ringo, Paul, George

Unicorn issues another interesting rarity on silver disc.  During their 1965 US tour, The Beatles were joined by Jerry G. Bishop, a Chicago and Cleveland radio personality, who conducted and recorded several interviews with the band. 

Capitol intended to edit and release these sessions onto an LP to serve as a sequel to their 1964 double LP The Beatles Story.  Although it might have been intended to be released to coincide with the band’s 1966 tour, the acetate wasn’t cut until September 22nd, a full month after their final show and after the Beatles retired from live performance. 

Two copies of this acetate are know to exist. Currently, one is in the U.S. and the other is in Canada. The one seen here is probably the U.S. disc. All of the interview material found on this disc is also found on the 1982 release, The Beatles Talk With Jerry G. and the 1983 release, The Beatles Talk With Jerry G. Vol. 2.

The interviews are good, displaying the personalities of the band.  Much like The Beatles Story, it’s more of a document of Beatlemania.  Given its rarity, this is a good title for the Beatle collector to have. 

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