The Beatles – Boys 1963 1964 (Extract Factory EXT 011)

Boys 1963 1964 (Extract Factory EXT 011)

(50:27):  TV-Shindig, October 3rd, 1964:  Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey (undubbed).  TV-Sweden “Drop In” October 30th, 1963:  She Loves You, Twist And Shout, I Saw Her Standing There, Long Tall Sally.  Washington Coliseum, February 11th, 1964:  Band Introduction, Roll Over Beethoven, From Me To You, I Saw Her Standing There, This Boy, All My Loving, I Wanna Be Your Man, Please Please Me, ‘Til There With You, She Loves You, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Twist And Shout (incomplete).  TV-Shindig, October 3rd, 1964:  Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey (dubbed), I’m A Loser, Boys, Closing Theme

Boys 1963 1964 is basically a remastered edition of the 1994 Vigotone release In Case You Don’t Know… (Spank 110).  At the time it was an extraordinary release because it had very rare television appearances in the best available sound quality.

The second track is “She Loves You” from the Swedish television variety show “Drop In.”  This was taped on the final day of their first tour of Sweden at the Arena Theater at Gröna Lund on October 30th and was broadcasted on November 4th. 

It made sporadic appearances on television until 1996 when Apple obtained the rights.  The Beatles were scheduled to play only “She Loves You” and “Twist And Shout.”  They were persuaded by the mc Klas Burling two play two more songs, “I Saw Her Standing There” and “Long Tall Sally” before they joined in on the “Drop In” theme with the audience and the Swedish group The Telstars.

Washington DC show comes from a mono soundtrack and contains most of the show. It starts with the band’s introduction and runs out a minute into “Twist & Shout.” The set list, for obvious reasons, sounds very 1963 since they were “pushing” (in McCartney’s words) With The Beatles and is the best source to hear a show from that year.

“From Me To You”, “I Saw Her Standing There”, “This Boy” (their most 50’s sounding sweet ballad), “Please Please Me”, and “Till There Was You” were dropped before the summer and make their only appearance over the seven discs.  The sound quality is very good and clear with some slight distortion due to the screaming audience.

The final piece is a video soundtrack of their appearance on the American television program “Shindig” in October 1964.  The opening track on the disc is the dubbed version of  “Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey,” and the disc ends with their complete three song set plus the closing music of the show.  

Boys 1963 1964 is a good sounding document.  The material itself is quite redundant because there are more complete versions of the tapes out there.  But for a one disc disc compendium, it is a good title to have.  

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  1. Another Fan Created title pressed.

    The reason of the remasterings is to recreate original Bootleg titles in the best light.

    Other fans are creating collections of ALL the best sources.

    Look out for the Studio Sessions Back To Basics . Several labels are copying the fan created sets.

    In deed Extract has just released Beatles for Sale Studio Sessions Back To Basics but it is already out of date with a few new and upgraded track shaving come to light.

  2. Am I missing the reason for these remastered releases ? Wouldn’t it have made perfect sense to utilize the complete itunes version of the Washington concert for this release? In addition, the complete video tape is also in circulation with superior sound quality.


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