The Beatles – Candlestick Park 1966 (Masterpiece FAB4-82966)

The Beatles - Candlestick Park 1966

The Beatles “Candlestick Park 1966” [Masterpiece FAB4-82966]

Rock And Roll Music / She’s A Woman / If I Needed Someone / Day Tripper / Baby’s In Black / I Feel Fine / Yesterday / I Wanna Be Your Man / Nowhere Man / Paperback Writer / Long Tall Sally (fragment) (27:58)

This configuration of the Tony Barrow cassette that chronicled the Beatles final tour show arrived without much precedent. No claims to be the best presentation ever, no remixing, no completeness. The last version of this show was released on the Medusa label earlier this year as a double bill with the Beatles Shea show and various other radio pieces. Besides, the cassette that had been recorded then is 46 years old now. Trying to polish the sound out any further would not be an easy task.

As it stands anyway, it’s a great recording, Tony was obviously far away enough from the screaming crowds no to catch interference from the masses of screaming kids (waves of which can be heard systematically peeling when the girls and boys catch their second breath of air) and as far as he could be from the stage without copping too much feedback.

Most of the internet seem to agree that this show has the fabs out of tune and lacking much passion but it’s still, to my ears a great show. The fabs are past caring obviously but it only shows through their comments ( John’s comment about “Day Tripper” being about ‘A Naughty Lady’ and George’s quip about “Yesterday” being ‘a very nice little song’) the rest of the musicianship, while not bearing up to Star Club standards, is still very good to say that the Beatles probably couldn’t hear themselves play.

As I mentioned in a previous review, unless you don’t have the previous Candlestick Park show, theres no difference to having this CD, The aesthetics are lovely, a purple hued sleeve with plenty of era correct photos and for the lucky first few a numbered sticker.
At 28 minutes It’s a short play CD with no extras. One for true blue collectors only.

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  1. This one as well Solly. With 4 other versions in my collection this is around no. 2 or 3 that I’d pick out but I’d still reach for the Spank version just because Shea is on there too.

  2. It maybe an audience recording , but I have always enjoyed this performance. Its my favorite of the ’66 gigs. My cd is from Masterdisc and is a fine sounding version of this concert.


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