The Beatles – Early Years 1962 – 1966 (Unicorn UC-164)

Early Years 1962 – 1966 ( Unicorn Records UC-164)

Love Of The Loved ( EMI Acetate – Decca audition 01/01/1962 ) / Kansas City ( Starclub, Hamburg 31/12/ 1962 ) / I Saw Her Standing There ( BBC Side by Side 22/04/1963 ) / ITV Border Coverage ( ITV 21/11/1963 ) / From Me To You ( ABC Carlisle, Cumbria 21/11/1963 ) / WABC N.Y. ( U.S. Radio coverage excerpt 1964 ) / Capitol Flexi Disk ( Promotional flexi disk 1964 / Blokker, Netherlands ( Live in the Netherlands 06/06/1964 ) / All My Loving ( Stockholm, Sweden 28/07/1964 ) / OK Magazine Flexi Disk (Hilton Hotel interview 11/07/1964) / Christmas Show Interview ( Radio Luxemberg 24/12/1964 ) / I’ll Follow The Sun ( BBC Top Gear segment 17/11/1964 ) / KCBS Radio Interview ( Hillard Rose Interviews 19/08/1964 ) / Dizzy Miss Lizzy (BBC transcription disk 1987 / Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby (BBC transcription disk 1987) / Ticket To Ride (BBC transcription disk 1987) / KXOK Radio ( Beatles Ticket radio promotion 1966 ) / Live In Memphis (Concert coverage 1966) [58:29]  

Another bits and pieces release from Unicorn records this time running between 1962 to 1966 but this time a little more musical inclination – The Beatlemania parts are still here, the interviews, hubris and aping about are still captured but this time more BBC and live segments have been unearthed.

We begin with an EMI acetate cut from the Decca audition of New Years Day 1962. This sounds as good as it could from a 50 year old acetate but as The Godfather records have already and recently released a version of the Decca audition, in full and from tape. it’s not a vital requirement.

“Kansas City” is another clip from the Hamburg Starclub ( 2 tracks were also released on the previous ‘Early Years 1962 – 1964’ release ) and this track is said to come from a tape that was recorded at the club but is unprocessed and in it’s natural form. Unfortunately it’s only a short clip ( running at 35 seconds long ) but it sounds good. The band aren’t too distant, the music is powerful. It’d be nice to hear a little more if the unprocessed tape ever arises.

From a rare BBC recording we have “I Saw Her Standing there”, performed on ‘Side By Side’, Recorded April 1st, broadcast 22nd April, 1963. A newly discovered recording but it unfortunately seems suffer from a little static at the beginning.

The “Beatlemania” files open up with televisual coverage of the Beatles playing in Carlisle, Cumbria in the North East of England on the 21st of November, 1963. It’s another one of those instances where it seems to have been recorded from the mono television speaker to a reel to reel cassette and suffers from a little too much bass on people voices. It’s nice to listen to from the point of view of the teenagers, the disgust from their parents, the hand wringing health and safeties of the shows organisers. Towards the end of the piece the Beatles are interviewed at the venue in one of their jovial interviews. The audio is very shallow mono and only comes out of one channel. It’s priceless for the fact that John mentions that they’ve recently received a telegram and it ‘Has been swelling a million’ to audible gasps from a female voice nearby. Quite what has made this young fan gasp isn’t clear but her reaction is a treasure to hear.

“From Me To You” is another short ( 13 second clip ) from the venue recorded by local fan John Wilson who was quite keen on recording the bands who would come to play in town ( Read, for historical purposes only .. ) far from the stage, covered with audience noise ( screaming ) – Merciful that it’s short.

A clip from a U.S. radio broadcast follows from WABC, N.Y. next and, to most a puff piece celebrating the Beatles, but to others a sweet little reminder of how radio was back in the day.

The Capitol Flexi Disk is another reminder of how promotion worked in the days of the record ( or eight track ) days for the record industry. Also promoting the Capitol record club, the Beach Boys & the Kingston Trio. It’ll most likely make your eyes misty for more of the good old days. The sound is a little scrappy at times but, again, for an aged promotional flexi-record it sounds good.

As an adjacent part from Unicorn’s “Die Beatles in Nederland” we have a few disjointed clips of the band playing “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” at the Blokker Theatre on the 6th of June, 1964. It must be cobbled together from various parts as the sound and timing jumps around considerably.

Following on from this is a clip of the Fab’s playing “All My Loving” in Stockholm, Sweden on the 28th of June, 1964 originally played on the Swedish radio show “John, Paul, George & Ringo! Staffan Olander om 50 år med The Beatles. Del 1 av 3: Den makalösa framgången.” It begins with Paul trying his best Swedish before an electrical fault gives him a shock and the band launch in to a rapid pace version of the song. It is, at least complete and in very good quality. Apparently more of this concert exists in private hands. Who knows if we might get to hear more of the rest?

Another flexi disk follows but a German language one this time with the band trying their best to speak the language but often with strong Liverpudlian accents ( It stands to reason that the lads would have picked up plenty of German while working the Reeperbahn but only Ringo doesn’t seem to have bothered apart from the german for ‘girls’. It’s a bi-lingual interview so even the none-Germanic need fear too much but a good dictionary might come in useful.

A Christmas show interview features for Radio Luxemburg, a great source that has been mined very well for, often lengthy, Fabs interviews. Recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on the 24th of December, 1964. Stretching out to nearly 10 minutes. The band ruminate on the Christmas show at hand, letters from fans, working on their own originals, their lyrics, chips and get a chance to say hello to some of their friends.

Now, something a little more desirable. A clip from an auction of the Beatles messing about during takes of “I’ll Follow The Sun” recorded for the BBC’s Top Gear on the 17th April, 1964. Part of a longer session tape that has already been released but this sessions snippet seems to have just missed inclusion on any of the Yellow Dog sets so far but this clip has been around on the internet for a short while since being found in 1998 but this is it’s first, brief appearance on silver disk.

The “KCBS” interview follows another similar path as others recorded later in 1964. A little more serious bent once people thought they had a clue as to who the Beatles were. A little more introspective, a little more probing but still just as curious to hear as the lads consider their future, 10, 20 years in to the future when they become “old men.”

The following three tracks come from a 1987 BBC transcription disk cut for the documentary “The 60’s at the Beeb”. The individual tracks come from the program “The Beatles Invite You To Take A Ticket To Ride” broadcast on the 26th of June 1965. They’re all in extraordinary quality despite a little too much crunch on the high end and a little little vinyl noise.

To round up two tracks of promotion from the final U.S. tour in 1966. The first a ‘Beatles ticket radio promotion’ from KXOK radio in St. Louis, MO. A little competition that the station is furiously promoting by way of a cut up set of Beatles tracks. Another reminder of when only a post card or the back of a sealed envelope would do.

The final selection is a bunch of tracks recorded at the Memphis concert on the 19th of August, 1966. Near questionable quality again where as on “Roll Over Beethoven” the vocals are missing, “Baby’s In Black” is marginally better, “Long Tall Sally” slightly worse.

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