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The HMC, ‘Let It Be’ release .. and more!

The final artwork for HMC’s latest release is finally in and can be revealed.


As noted previously, the DVD and CD set has a Ron Furmanek produced mix, all of the Apple studio material in glorious stereo and a massive upgrade in visuals.

Alongside this release, the label are re-releasing a few of their older releases;


Firstly their ‘Shea’ release, originally offered as a bonus CD along side the LP upgrade of the Shea show. This features an interview with Larry Kane interspersed with music from the show, bonus tracks come from the NME poll winners concert heard at the Empire Pool in Wembley, London on April 11th, 1965


Secondly, their George Harrison compilation, ‘G(e)gorgeous’ with a different cover. A review of the original release can be found here


Finally, a re-release of the Roger Scott compilation, ‘Take It Off’. Strangely, we never got to the review of this set. Watch out for this in the near future.

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  1. I am certainly looking forward to The Let It Be set. Already have the others. I hope the reissues aren’t a sign that this is the last of fresh material. If LIB is as good as SHEA! it will be great.

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