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The latest John Lennon release from HMC

Volume 4 of the HMC label’s series, ‘Holy Grails, Upgrades and Reconstructions’ has been announced. The years are 1969 and 1970. John and Yoko have set up in Amsterdam and Toronto on their piece programme and spent two weeks in bed, talking their way around the worlds press.

John has also been working away on his first solo album and is ready to throw it out to the lions.

This newest release from HMC bings us a DVD and CD release. The DVD features a bag full of video from Canada and The Netherlands as originally broadcast at the time. It also includes the BBC special, ‘Man Of The Decade’ and the BBC broadcast of ‘Instant Karma’ from the 5th of Feb, 1970.

The CD portion of the set features a stereo upgrade of the POB albums’s track, ‘Love’. Previously a feature on HMC’s, ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’, this tape features the complete session (Including golden oldies and ‘French’ versions of the track) in glorious full bodied stereo.

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