Beatles – Yellow Submarine (DBM-012)


Yellow Submarine (DBM-012)

Yellow Submarine, Only A Northern Song, All Together Now, Hey Bulldog, It’s All Too Much, All You Need Is Love, Pepperland, Sea Of Time, Sea Of Holes, Sea Of Monsters, March Of The Meanies, Pepperland Laid Waste, Yellow Submarine In Pepperland

Yellow Submarine saw its first compact disc release on August 24th, 1987 published in stereo with a catalogue number of CDP 7 46445 2.  Both the fake MFSL (MFSL 1-108) and Mirror Spock (MFSL 1-108) are transfers of from the MFSL vinyl edition.  Millennium Remasters issued three editions of the stereo, both UK and US versions.  In 2002 they issued a needle drop from the MFSL box set from the early eighties (MFSL 1-108).  This release has bee criticized for having a noticeable ground loop hum throughout the whole album, as if the turntable wasn’t stable during the transfer.  Two years later they issued both the Millennium Red Collection (EAS 80559) from the Japanese vinyl and Millennium UK Collection BM-1-BC-13 (PCS 7070).  The latter runs a bit too slow but is much brighter than previous transfers.  It has the widest stereo separation and has very slight warppage problems at times.

Dr. Ebbett issued two versions of Yellow Submarine in 2000, the UK stereo (PCS 7070) and UK stereo MFSL (MFSL-1-108), the latter of which has a very narrow stereo separation.  In 2003 the label issued a copy from the US stereo (SW 153).  This copy runs too fast with slight compression during the George Martin tracks.  There is less high end but more mid-range and noticeable distortion during “It’s All Too Much” and “All You Need Is Love.”  In 2006 Dr. Ebbett issued their first transfer from the UK blue box (PCS 7070) on cdr and the current DBM edition is the same but on silver pressed disc.  It is a very clean transfer although some collectors complain that it lacks some punch and presence on “All Together Now.”  Opinions being what they are, this is a very good needle drop from the UK blue box and does sound really nice and is worth having.  (GS)

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