Black Sabbath – Sabbath Early Sabbath Outtakes 69-71 (Hound Dawg Records)

 Sabbath Early Sabbath Outtakes 69-71 (Hound Dawg Records)

(70:03) Black Sabbath, Evil Woman, The Wizard, Planet Caravan, Rat Salad, Paranoid, Sweet Leaf, Children Of The Grave, Into The Void, The Rebel, When I Come Down, Early One Morning, Blue Suede Shoes, Seventh Plain, Reaching For The Stars, Lost Time, Coming Of The Lord

Back in 2009 Santuary Records released the first three Black Sabbath records in deluxe packaging, while there had been re masters before what set these sets apart was the inclusion of bonus material in the form of outtakes and alternate versions. Many of the later Sabbath records have also received the deluxe treatment and for the most part all are worth seeking out.

It was with a bit of skepticism that I ordered this new title and upon its arrival my fears where confirmed, the first nine tracks on this release are culled from these releases. Do your self a favor and if you do not already own them hunt them down as you will not be disappointed.

Prior to Black Sabbath, when the band was know as Earth they did a few studio recordings, The Rebel is considered the first one. As second, A Song For Jim was done at the same session but met the same fate as all the early Earth material. The first real airing of the two songs was on the Black Sabbath Story Vol. 1 video tape that featured brief snippets of both songs. The Rebel is not what you would expect from Sabbath, very commercial sounding and features Norman Haines from Locomotive on piano, The quality is very good but certainly not typical studio you would expect.

When I Come Down was written by Haines and features a good riff, the quality is very good, maybe just a notch below the Rebel but very enjoyable.

Early One Morning is a live track credited to Dumfries in Scotland sometime in 1969 and is from the hoarded live Black Sabbath show that surface years ago and was reportedly quickly snatched up by Sabbath management. It is a blues style song and a great listen.

Blues Suede Shoes is from the Beat Club in 1970 and has had an official releases as the Black Mass CD.

The last four tracks are from the Flying Hat Band featuring Glen Tipton prior to him joining Judas Priest.

The four songs were released by SPM International under the title Buried Together.

The packaging is ultra cheap cardboard gatefold sleeve, I cannot support blatant piracy and although I loved hearing the three songs I could have just as easily gotten them from YouTube, in my opinion one to be avoided.

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  1. Since our hobby of RoIO collecting is based 99.9% on piracy, then, at what degree does it go to far? And at what point would I be a hypocrite for getting something based on “blatant piracy” or simple piracy?
    As I do not see a line, and as I do not have a lot of Sabbath in my collection, but do like them, I picked this release up, and I’m glad for it.
    While I prefer a better quality of packaging (Also, call me silly, but I really don’t like much of anything not housed in a jewel case.), the design here was fine, however, it’s the music I come to the party for, and both the the songs and their sound quality on this release are very good.
    It’s just my opinion, but I’m glad I haven’t yet become so jaded a Sabbath collector to have passed on this one, and any other Sabbath fan that might not have some of this material certainly wouldn’t be disappointed.
    And as far as downloading it, well, I can’t think of many RoIO’s that you can’t download for free these days, but that sort of misses the point for any silver collector doesn’t it?
    Enjoy the music!

  2. Thanks for the review, which confirmed my suspicion that this is not worth seeking out. Why they thought putting the Tipton-related things on here was a good idea I do not know. I love Sabbath and I love Priest, but I don’t want them combined on bootleg. (Uunless, of course,it is where Rob is deputising as Sabbath vocalist for the night.)


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