David Bowie – Lyrics Come As Poems (Golden Eggs EGG 146/147)

Lyrics Come As Poems (Golden Eggs EGG 146/147) 

The Golden Eggs label has been steadily releasing David Bowie titles since their inception in 2018 with a mix of live concerts, studio outtakes, and rarities. This new title from the Egg team is of the latter, an eclectic mix of curiosities all set in a chronological order. The liner notes summarize this set properly, “The tracks on this CD set are reflecting the creativity he had in the studio as well as on stage which were an inspiration for many other artists as well. His studio work and live performances were every time a new surprise. The finest rare soundboard tracks and more are to be found here in a 30 track compilation. His own personal performances but also a bunch of rare covers by other artists.” 

Disc 1 (66:48) I Never Dreamed, Interview, The Jean Genie, My Death, Can You Hear Me, Heroes, Joe The Lion, Moon Of Alabama, Station To Station, The Elephant Man Radio Spot, Look Back In Anger, David’s X-Mas and New Years Message, Queen Bitch, Warchild Radio Commercial, Life On Mars 

Disc 2 (59:07) David’s Birthday Message, American Landfill, Heroes, Arnold Layne, Comfortably Numb, Corri Uomo Corri, Can’t Help Thinking About Me, Suffragette City, John I’m Only Dancing, Repetition, Ziggy Stardust, Heroes, Passing Announcement, Instr. Medley / Life On Mars, I Never Dreamed 

I Never Dreamed: A 14 second fragment from his first music band, The Konrads. The sound is very good and this same snippet was used to open CD 1 of I Never Dreamed (Golden Eggs EGG-99/100). Sounds very much like its time, certainly influenced by the Mersey Beat scene happening at the time. Sound quality is VG. 

Interview: David is interviewed by Cherry Vanilla who was his PR Lady in North America during the early 70’s. Cherry started her career in a play by Andy Warhol followed by a stint with Bowie and eventually a singer during the mid to late 70’s New York City music scene. This interview was recorded at RCA Studios in New York in 1973 and features a variety of topics, lyric writing, current band situation and personal views. Sound quality is EX. 

The Jean Genie: A “live” version taken from Top Of The Pops. This version is in stereo and recorded January 3, 1973. Bowie and The Spiders playing live in studio, in front of a dancing audience. Classic footage worth seeking out for a good watch. Sound quality is EX-. 

My Death: Live from the Russel Harty show recorded January 20, 1973. While the full video of the performance has not been seen, it does exist as small portions have been seen on the Finding Fame and First Five Years documentaries. Intimate version of the classic with Bowie alone on acoustic guitar. Sound Quality is EX. 

Can You Hear Me: A live version recorded sometime between October 8 and November 30, 1974 at an unknown location. After introducing his band David tells the audience this new song is about love. Taken from a soundboard recording, sound quality is EX. 

Heroes: Live version from Le Rendez-Vous Du Dimanche French TV show on October 16, 1977. The sound quality is EX-, the studio engineers mixed the backing music too low and Bowie sings over the pre recorded music with a lot of echo as a result. 

Joe The Lion: Recording during the soundcheck for Bowie’s performance at Earls Court July 1, 1978, curiously they played it at soundcheck but not at the concert itself which can be found on Isolar Two (Golden Eggs EGG 15/16). Sound Quality is EX. 

Moon Of Alabama: The German song that was covered most famously by The Doors, Bowie recorded and released the song as a single in 1978. This version is from the July 1, 1978 London concert official release, Welcome To The Blackout. Sound quality is EX. 

Station To Station: Another live track from the Isolar II tour, this one being an audience recording from Showgrounds in Sydney, Australia November 25, 1978. Sound quality is EX-. 

The Elephant Man Radio Spot: A radio promo for The Elephant Man play in Chicago. Sound quality is EX.

Look Back In Anger: A rare performance by David performing at the ICA benefit held at the Dominion Theatre July 1, 1988 playing an early version of Look Back In Anger, also the first live performance with Reeves Gabrels on guitar. Sound Quality is EX. 

David’s X-Mas and New Years Message: Taken from the Wish You Well flexi disc 1997, very short just David well wishes. Sound quality is EX. 

Queen Bitch: Live from the Ruisrock Festival June 29, 1997, the concert was broadcast on the radio, this version sounds like a pre FM as the sound quality is EX, so signs of radio static.

Warchild Radio Commercial: Taken from a Dutch 1998 radio promo CD, David was one of many artist who recorded spots for Warchild, a non-government organization to help children affected firsthand by war conflicts. Sound quality is EX.

Life On Mars?: A short interview with David and a performance of Life On Mars? taken from the Michael Parkinson BBC One television show Parky Tonight. Just David and Mike Garson sing his classic song which he states is influenced by Frank Sinatra singing My Way. Sound quality is EX-.

David’s Birthday Message: Recorded in 2002, Uncle Dave making a generic birthday message for you, play it everyday and one of those will be your birthday. Sound quality is EX.

American Landfill: Recorded in 2003 and taken from The Turning: Kate’s Story Original Soundtrack. The song also features vocals by Kristeen Young in duet. Very atmospheric. Sound quality is EX.

Heroes: Bowie playing one of his most iconic songs at the 2004 Hurricane Festival in Scheessel Germany, his last ever live concert. Sound quality is EX as is his performance, David was reportedly in great pain and discomfort during this performance. He collapsed after the concert, taken to the hospital and had emergency, life saving surgery.

Arnold Layne: David joins Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour onstage at London’s Royal Albert Hall May 29, 2006 to perform the Syd Barrett classic Arnold Layne. Sound quality is EX certainly taken from the officially released CD single.

Comfortably Numb: Also taken from the Royal Albert Hall May 29, 2006 gig, David sings the Roger Waters part of the song. Simply beautiful, sound quality is EX, David’s last ever live performance.

Corri Uomo Corri: A cover of Space Oddity by I Giganti, an Italian group. Source is a rare single Miura from 1970. Sound Quality is EX-.

Can’t Help Thinking About Me: A cover version of the David Bowie and The Lower Thirds 1965 song recorded by the Purple Hearts on their 1980 record Beat That! Sound Quality is EX.

Suffragette City: A live recording by Hazel O’Connor from the Dominion Theatre in London. Hazel is joined by Duran Duran singer Simon LeBon for a rousing version of Suffragette City. Taken from the b-side of Hazel’s Time single. Sound quality is EX but rather thin sounding.

John I’m Only Dancing: The Polcats version of Bowie’s 1972 single Rockabilly style, taken from their 1981 single. Sound quality is EX.

Repetition: Au Pairs cover of Bowie’s Lodger classic, taken from their Playing With A Different Sex LP released in 1981. Sound quality is EX.

Ziggy Stardust: The iconic British band Bauhaus cover the equally iconic Ziggy Stardust. An excellent and quite heavy yet faithful version, taken from the 7″ single released on Beggars Banquet Records in 1982. Sound quality is EX.

Heroes: Avant-garde artist covers Heroes in her typical style. This version comes from 1983 7″ single on Aura Records. Sound quality is EX.

Passing Announcement: BBC 6 Music, the news that shocked the world January 11, 2016. Sound quality is EX.

Instr. Medley / Life On Mars: Singer Lorde joins David’s band for this live performance on the Brit Awards tribute February 24, 2016. The medley is snippets of Bowie classics played by his band that evolves into a beautiful Life On Mars?. Sound quality is EX.

I Never Dreamed: David’s old band mates in the Konrads, Alan Dodds and Roger Ferris, play an acoustic version, Alan plays guitar while Roger handles vocals. A fitting tribute and perfect way to end this release, bookend style. Sound quality is EX-.

An excellent collection of rare Bowie and related material, packaged in the typical gatefold sleeve by the Golden Eggs folks. The title is taken from the interview with Cherry Vanilla, the front cover is a perfect visual representation. The pictures on the interior are very nice as well, all are of David during different periods, writing. A very enjoyable collection presented in fine fashion, this title along with People On Streets are very easy to listen and enjoy.

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