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Bowie, David

September, 2016

  • 4 September

    David Bowie – A Wonderful Glastonbury Evening (Eat A Peach EAT 117/118)

    A Wonderful Glastonbury Evening (Eat A Peach EAT 117/118) Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK. – June 25, 2000 Disc 1 (58:17) Wild Is The Wind, China Girl, Changes, Stay, Life On Mars?, Absolute Beginners, Ashes To Ashes, Rebel Rebel, Little Wonder, Golden Years, Fame, All The Young Dudes Disc 2 ...

June, 2016

  • 7 June

    Another Empress Valley Bowie release

    The Empress Valley label have just announced their latest release, ‘Strange Fascination’ is a copy of the Universal Amphitheatre soundboard from Los Angeles, CA on the 5th of September, 1974. The concert has been released many times before, for example as ; ‘Strange Fascination’ (Bow 001/002), ‘Wealth And Authority’ (Shout ...

  • 6 June

    David Bowie – An Earthling In Atlanta (Eat A Peach EAT 99/100)

    An Earthling In Atlanta (Eat A Peach EAT 99/100) International Ballroom, Atlanta, GA, USA – October 10, 1997 Disc 1 (68:28) Quicksand, The Supermen, Waiting For The Man, My Death, The Jean Genie, I’m Afraid Of Americans, Look Back In Anger, Seven Years In Tibet, Strangers When We Meet, The ...

May, 2016

  • 4 May

    David Bowie – Budokan 1978 (Wardour 177)

    David Bowie, “Budokan 1978” (Wardour 177) Warszawa / “Heroes” / What In The World / Be My Wife / Jean Genie / Blackout / Sense Of Doubt / Breaking Glass / Fame / Beauty And The Beast Five Years / Soul Love / Star / Hang On To Yourself / ...

  • 4 May

    David Bowie – Tokyo 1978 (Wardour-176)

    David Bowie, “Tokyo 1978” (Wardour-176) DVD: Warszawa / “Heroes” / Fame / Beauty And The Beast / Five Years / Soul Love / Star / Hang On To Yourself / Ziggy Stardust / Suffragette City / Station To Station / TVC 15 CD: Warszawa / “Heroes” / Fame / Beauty ...

  • 2 May

    A bunch of new releases arrive

    The bootleg world is finally warming up this year to coincide with the Spring tours and it’s also bringing us more archival material. First from the Hot Lips label we have two new sets, the first is ‘The Complete Osaka Premier’, Bob Dylan’s very first show in the Japanese city, ...

April, 2016

  • 27 April

    A new Bowie boxed set from Magic Bus

    A brand new compilation boxed set from the Magic Bus label has been announced. ‘Like A Regular Superstar’ is the 2nd Bowie set from the label and covers Bowie’s touring years between 1976 and 1987. Over 8 CDs we have new-to-CD audience recordings from the Boston Gardens Arena, March 17th, ...

  • 4 April

    David Bowie – A Reality In Osaka (Wardour-169)

    David Bowie, “A Reality in Osaka” (Wardour-169) Intro / Rebel Rebel / Hang On To Yourself / New Killer Star / Fame / Cactus / All The Young Dudes / China Girl / Reality / 5:15 The Angels Have Gone / The Man Who Sold The World / Hallo Spaceboy ...

March, 2016

  • 24 March

    David Bowie release from Empress Valley arrives

    *Updated* The set has now seen release as a 2 CD, 1 DVD set – The audio does indeed seem to be the audio from Robin Mayhew’s recording, the DVD features an edited show but including the lost Jeff Beck portion.  Sandwiched within the latest Led Zeppelin box from Empress ...

  • 23 March

    David Bowie, “Steel On The Skyline” (Eat A Peach EAT 43/44)

    David Bowie, “Steel On The Skyline” (Eat A Peach EAT 43/44) Live in St. Ann’s Warehouse, New York, USA, October 12, 2002 CD1; Sunday / Cactus / Breaking Glass / Fame / Ashes To Ashes / Slip Away / China Girl / 5:15 The Angels have Gone / Survive / ...

February, 2016

January, 2016

  • 11 January

    David Bowie – In memoriam.

    There are losses and there are true losses. As we all age and falter, grew to see those around us get a little older, a little wiser, a little grayer, we find ourselves clinging to the image of our heroes and supposing that we’ll always stay as young as they ...

November, 2015

  • 23 November

    New David Bowie Box Set From Magic Bus!

    Announced today from the Magic Bus label is a new David Bowie Deluxe Box Set. Time May Change Me: From Stardust To Stardom is a 7CD box set featuring six complete concerts from 1972, 1973, and 1974 (3 for the first time on CD). This comes with a 36 page ...

  • 8 November

    David Bowie, “The Last Show We’ll Ever Do” (Eat A Peach 68/69)

    David Bowie, “The Last Show We’ll Ever Do” (Eat A Peach 68/69) Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK. 3rd of July, 1973 Disc 1 – Introduction by Barry Bethal / Mike Garson’s Medley / Clockwork Orange theme (Beethoven’s Ode to Joy) / Hang on to Yourself / Ziggy Stardust / Watch That Man ...

October, 2014

June, 2014

  • 23 June

    New David Bowie Box Set from Godfather

    The latest box set from Godfather will feature David Bowie. C’Est La Vie: The Ultimate Rare Tracks 1964/2013 (G.R. Box 25) is a 6CD set that comes with a 40-page booklet with track by track notes. Always one to include extras, this set also comes with a Davie Jones Decca ...

March, 2014

February, 2014

  • 25 February

    New Vinyl / CD set releases

    A clutch of new vinyl / CD releases have been announced recently. Generally out of the remit of the site, these sets do feature additional CD sets with the vinyl, pushing them in to the interest side. There are no images available at the moment but here’s the news; On ...

December, 2012

  • 30 December

    Various artists – The Prince’s Trust Concert 1986 Complete (Beano-067)

     The Prince’s Trust Concert 1986 Complete (Beano-067) Wembley Arena, London, England – June 20th, 1986 Disc 1 (77:34):  Introduction, God Save The Queen, Wonderland (Big Country), Fields Of Fire (Big Country), Look Away (Big Country), Chance (Big Country), In A Big Country (Big Country), Tom’s Diner (Suzanne Vega), Cracking (Suzanne ...

October, 2012

  • 7 October

    David Bowie – Worldwide Moonlight (Godfather Records GR 784/785)

    Worldwide Moonlight (Godfather Records GR 784/785) Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA – August 11th, 1983 Disc 1 (58:22):  Intro, Star, “Heroes”, What In The World?, Golden Years, Fashion, Let’s Dance, Red Sails, Breaking Glass, Life On Mars?, Sorrow, Cat People (Putting Out Fire), China Girl, Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), Rebel Rebel, ...