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October, 2021

  • 17 October

    Cream – State Fair Music Hall 1968 (Speak-Ezy SPE-33068)

    State Fair Music Hall 1968 (Speak-Ezy SPE-33068)  State Fair Music Hall, Dallas, TX, USA – March 30, 1968  Original Mix Remaster  Disc 1 (56:45) Sunshine Of Your Love, I’m So Glad, Sitting On Top Of The World, Steppin’ Out, Train Time, Toad  Remix Remaster  Disc 2 (56:45) Sunshine Of Your ...

September, 2017

  • 13 September

    Cream – Springtime Of Your Love (Eat A Peach EAT 172)

    Cream – Springtime Of Your Love (Eat A Peach – EAT 172) Sunshine Of Your Love / Hey Lawdy Mama / Sweet Wine / Rollin’ and Tumblin’ / Spoonful / Sitting On Top Of The World / Toad / NSU / Sunshine Of Your Love / We’re Going Wrong / ...

February, 2016

  • 6 February

    New Cream soundboards release from Empress Valley

    The Empress Valley label have announced their first release of the year and it consists of some brand new and unreleased Cream soundboards. “The Last Goodbye” consists of 4CDs with a bonus CD contained in a 2 box set. It’s limited to an edition of 200 numbered copies. The label ...

January, 2015

  • 27 January

    New releases from Japan

    The Dog N Cat label have made a return with their version of the Miami rehearsals from 1994. Already released on the No Label and Goldplate labels, it’s not clear as to what the differences are between the tapes other than this is a new pressed disk. On the Speakezy ...

August, 2013

  • 22 August

    CREAM – Rickey Tick (Scorpio-93066)

    Track List: 1-Sunshine Of Your Love 2-Lawdy Mama 3-Sweet Wine 4-Rollin’ & Tumblin’ 5-Spoonful 6-Sitting On Top Of The World 7-Toad 8-Hey Lawdy Mama 9-Meet Me In The Bottom 10-Crossroads 11-Stepping Out 12-Got My Mojo Working 13-Louise This is a rather old piece from the folks at Scorpio that  has never ...

March, 2011

  • 6 March

    Cream – Vintage Cream (Godfather Records GR 619)

    Vintage Cream (Godfather Records GR 619) Studio Sessions for the “Fresh Cream” album – London, 1966 Cat’s Squirrel (take 1) – Beauty Queen (outtake) – Rollin’ and tumblin’ (alternate) – Coffee Song (take 1) – Toad (outtake) – Sweet Wine (take 1) – Sweet Wine (master) – I Feel Free ...

September, 2009

  • 29 September

    Cream – Firebird (Tarantura TCDCREAM-5)

    Firebird (Tarantura TCDCREAM-5) Oakdale Music Center, Wallingford, CT – June 15th, 1968 (61:40):  White Room, Politician, I’m So Glad, Sitting On Top Of The World, Crossroads, Sunshine Of Your Love, Traintime, Spoonful, Toad In Clapton’s biography, he wrote that at Cream’s first gig, they played a jazz fest and not  ...

August, 2009

  • 6 August

    Cream – The Real One (Rothman RM09/10)

    The Real One (Rothman RM09/10) Grande Ballroom, Detroit, MI – October 15th, 1967 Disc 1 (67:38):  Tales Of Brave Ulysses, N.S.U., Sitting On Top Of The World, Sweet Wine, Rollin’ And Tumblin’, Spoonful Disc 2 (46:48):  Steppin’ Out, Traintime, Toad, I’m So Glad The October 15th, 1967 Cream soundboard recording is one ...

May, 2009

  • 8 May

    Bruce, Fier, and Suzuki – Inazuma Super Session (Tarantura TCDJBAFKS-1)

     Inazuma Super Session (Tarantura TCDJBAFKS-1)  Ink Stick Shibaura Factory – May 10-11, 1987 FM Tokyo – Suntory Sound Market Aired: May, 12, 1987 Recorded: May 10, 1987 Celia Paul MC, Jack Bruce Interview/Strange Brew, White Room, First Time I Met The Blues, A.P.K., Sitting On Top Of The World, Anton ...

October, 2008

  • 18 October

    Cream – Blow Up! (Mid Valley MVR 146/147)

      Blow Up! (Mid Valley 146/147) Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX – October 25, 1968 Disc 1. Introduction – White Room – Sunshine of Your Love – I’m So Glad – Sitting On Top of the World Disc 2. Crossroads – Train Time – Toad – Spoonful Dallas is one ...

May, 2007

  • 3 May

    Cream – Synergy (Scorpio MA-001/2/3/4)

      Synergy (Scorpio MA-001/2/3/4) Shapiro Athletic Center,Brandeis University, Waltham, MA – September 9th, 1967 Back Bay Theater, Boston, MA – April 5th, 1968 Disc 1, Shapiro Athletic Center,Brandeis University, Waltham, MA – September 9th, 1967:  Tales Of Brave Ulysses, Sunshine Of Your Love, NSU Disc 2:  Sitting On Top Of The World, Stepping Out, Traintime, Toad ...

February, 2007

  • 3 February

    Cream – Steppin’ Razor (Mid Valley MVR-383)

      Steppin’ Razor (Mid Valley MVR-383) Konserthuset, Stockholm , Sweden – November 14, 1967 Introduction, Tales Of Brave Ulysses, Sunshine Of Your Love, Sleepy Time Time, Steppin’ Out, Traintime, Toad, I’m So Glad Steppin’ Razor is the first title on silver disc to present a more complete version than previously ...

November, 2006

  • 3 November

    Cream – Psychedelic Circus (Mid Valley MVR 354)

      Psychedelic Circus (Mid Valley MVR 354) Madison Square Garden, New York , NY – November 2, 1968 Introduction, White Room, Politician, Wheels Of Fire platinum disc presentation by Ahmet Ertegun and Robert Stigwood, I’m So Glad, Sunshine Of Your Love, Crossroads, Traintime, Toad, Spoonful This performance from Madison Square ...

July, 2000

  • 3 July

    Cream – Trinity (Mid Valley MVR 067)

      Trinity (Mid Valley MVR 067) Marquee Club, Soho , London , UK – May 23, 1967 Tales of Brave Ulysses, World of Pain, Outside Woman Blues, Dance the Night Away, Sleepy Time Time, Sweet Wine, Rollin’ and Tumblin’, N.S.U. (a part of improvisation) A re-issue of the title released ...