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Deep Purple

May, 2007

  • 30 May

    Deep Purple – Always Teasin’ (Darker Than Blue 050/051)

      Always Teasin’ (Darker Than Blue 050/051) Kyuden Kinen Taiikukan, Fukuoka, Japan – December 12th, 1975 Disc 1: Introduction, Burn, Lady Luck, Love Child, Gettin’ Tighter, Smoke On The Water, Georgia On My Mind, I Need Love, Soldier Of Fortune, Jon Lord solo, Lazy, drum solo Disc 2: This Time ...

March, 2007

October, 2006

  • 24 October

    Deep Purple – Made In Manchester (Bondage BON345/346)

    Made In Manchester (Bondage BON345/346) Bell Vue Kings Hall, Manchester, England – May 15th, 1974 Disc 1: Intro., Burn, Might Just Take Your Life, Lay Down Stay Down, Mistreated, Lazy – Smoke On The Water, You Fool No One – guitar solo – blues – drum solo – Mule Disc ...

  • 9 October

    Deep Purple – King Of Scream (Darker Than Blue 043)

      King Of Scream (Darker Than Blue 043) Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA – January 28th, 1972Setlist: Intro., Speed King, Strange Kind Of Woman, Child In Time, The Mule (incl. drum solo), Space Truckin’ Bonus dvdr, “South Bank Summer”, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, England – July 28th, 1970: Mandrake Root ...

April, 2006

  • 27 April

    Deep Purple – “The End” (Darker Than Blue 031/032)

       “The End” (Darker Than Blue 031/032) Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan – June 29th, 1973 Disc 1: Opening, Highway Star, Smoke On The Water, Strange Kind Of Woman, Child In Time Disc 2: Lazy, Drum Solo/The Mule, Space Truckin’, applause, Gillan speaks Deep Purple’s Osaka show is rightly famous for ...

March, 2005

  • 13 March

    Deep Purple – Definitive 1973 (Bondage BON330/331/332)

     Definitive 1973 (Bondage BON330/331/332) Definitive 1973 is a collection of two recently surfaced and circulated tape sources from Deep Purple’s Mark II line up.  The classic line up of Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillian, Roger Glover, Ian Paice and Jon Lord were respsonsible for their most recognizable songs and classic albums ...