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November, 2021

  • 10 November

    More new rock and jazz releases

    Graf Zeppelin step back from mixing Rolling Stones tapes and return to the day job for ‘Live In Milwaukee’. A simple title for this show, audience recorded At Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA on the 10th July, 1973. Their second title, ‘Hard As Knuckles’ features 5 CDs covering two shows ...

October, 2021

  • 27 October

    More new titles

    The hubbub around the new Beatles (official) release shows no sign of abating and neither do the (unofficial) releases as they’re still coming thick and fast, despite cries of, heh, ‘Let It Be’ from the fans. One of the first new releases is on the Goldies label – source of ...

January, 2021

  • 30 January

    Bob Dylan 1984 comp on Empress Valley

    Newly released on the Empress Valley label, a brand new 1984 live comp which purports to be an ‘early sequence for the ‘Real Live’ album’ A mixture of multi-track and soundboard tracks – This album slots right in where the 1984 – 1986 releases of recent have bulked up our ...