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October, 2012

  • 10 October

    The Eagles – Mid-Summer Music 1975 (Screamer-04005)

     Mid-Summer Music 1975 (Screamer-04005) Wembley Stadium, London, UK – June 21st, 1975 (75:41):  Take It Easy, Outlaw Man, Doolin-Dalton, Desperado, One Of These Nights, Train Leaves Here This Morning, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Blackberry Blossom, Midnight Flyer, Already Gone, Too Many Hands, James Dean, Good Day In Hell, Witchy Woman, Carol, ...

May, 2011

  • 1 May

    The Kinks – Sleepwalking In Boston (Screamer-05050/51)

      Sleepwalking In Boston (Screamer-05050/51) Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA – February 5th, 1977 Disc 1 (49:27):  One Of The Survivors, Sleepwalker, Rush Hour Blues, You Make It All Worthwhile, Ordinary People, Victoria, A Well Respected Man, Sunny Afternoon, Waterloo Sunset, Supersonic Rocket Ship, School Days, The Hard Way, Education Disc ...

April, 2010

  • 6 April

    Neil Young – Complete “Boulder Colorado” (Screamer-04013)

    Complete “Boulder Colorado” (Screamer-04013) Macky Auditorium, University Of Colorado, Boulder, CO – January 27th, 1971 On The Way Home, Tell Me Why, Old Man, Journey Through The Past, Cowgirl In The Sand, Heart Of Gold, A Man Needs A Maid, Sugar Mountain, Don’t Let It Bring You Down, Love In Mind, The ...

  • 6 April

    Rolling Stones – Fanfare For The Common Man (Screamer-05032-035)

    Fanfare For The Common Man (Screamer-05032-035) Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, June 11th & 12th, 1975 Disc 1 (51:58):  Intro., Honky Tonk Women, All Down The Line, If You Can’t Rock Me – Get Off Of My Cloud, Star Star, Gimme Shelter, Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, You Gotta Move, You Can’t ...

  • 6 April

    Rolling Stones – Live At LA Forum July 9, 1975 (Screamer-04008/9)

    Live At LA Forum July 9, 1975 (Screamer-04008/9) The Forum, Los Angeles, CA – July 9th, 1975   Disc 1 (69:44):  Intro/Fanfare For The Common Man, Honky Tonk Woman, All Down The Line, If You Can’t Rock Me/Get Off My Cloud, Star Star, Gimme Shelter, Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, You ...

January, 2008

  • 27 January

    The Eagles – Heartache Tonight 1979 (Screamer-040140/015)

     Heartache Tonight 1979 (Screamer-040140/015) Expo Park, Osaka, Japan – September 22nd, 1979 Disc 1:  Hotel California, Already Gone, In The City, Doolin-Dalton, Desperado, Lyin’ Eyes, I Can’t Tell You Why, Desperado, Heartache Tonight, One Of These Nights Disc 2:  Turn To Stone, The Long Run, Life’s Been Good, Life In ...

September, 2005

  • 17 September

    Emerson Lake & Palmer – Toccata (Screamer-05048/49)

      Toccata (Screamer-05048/49) Civic Center, Providence, RI – July 29th, 1974 Disc 1: Hoedown, Jerusalem, Toccata, Tarkus, Take A Pebble, Still…You Turn Me On, Lucky Man, piano improvisations Disc 2: Take A Pebble, Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression), Karn Evil 9 (2nd Impression), Karn Evil 9 (3rd Impression), Pictures At ...

  • 17 September

    Bob Dylan – Boston 1975 Complete (Screamer-04024-026)

      Boston 1975 Complete (Screamer-04024-026)  Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA – November 21st, 1975 Disc 1 Intro, Guam: Good Love Is Hard To Find, Sleazy, Hula Hoop, Don’t Blame Me, Too Good To Be Wasted, Is There Life On Mars?, Alabama Dark, Need A New Sun Rising, Cindy, Mercedes Benz. ...

  • 17 September

    Bob Dylan – Cambridge 1975 Complete (Screamer-04021-023)

      Cambridge 1975 Complete (Screamer-04021-023)  Harvard Square Theater, Cambridge, MA – November 20th, 1975 Disc 1 Guam: Hulahoop, Don’t Blame Me, Too Good To Be Wasted, Is There Life On Mars? Alabama Dark, Need A New Sun Rising, Cindy, Mercedes Benz. Joni Mitchell: Edith And The Kingpin, Don’t Interrupt The ...

August, 2005

  • 12 August

    Eric Clapton – With A Southand Smiles (Screamer-05044/45)

     With A Southand Smiles (Screamer-05044/45) Civic Center, Providence, RI – July 10th, 1974 Disc 1: Intro, Smile, Don’t Have To Hurt Nobody, Have You Ever Loved A Woman, Blues Power, Key To The Highway, Presence Of The Lord, Bright Lights Big City, I Can’t Hold Out Disc 2: Willie And ...

July, 2005

  • 22 July

    Pink Floyd – At The Stadium (Screamer-05040/41)

      At The Stadium (Screamer-05040/41) Tampa Stadium, Tampa, FL – June 29th, 1973 Disc 1:  Obscured By Clouds/When You’re In, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Careful With That Axe Eugene, Echoes Disc 2:  Speak To Me, Breathe, On The Run, Time, Breathe (reprise), The Great Gig ...

May, 2005

  • 14 May

    The Band – Plays On (Screamer-05042/43)

    Plays On (Screamer-05042/43) Music Inn, Lennox, MA – July 18th, 1976 Disc 1 (46:09):  Intro., Don’t Do It, Shape I’m In, It Makes No Difference, The Weight, King Harvest, Twilight, Ophelia, Tears Of Rage Disc 2 (40:52):  Forbidden Fruit, This Wheel’s On Fire, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, ...

April, 2005

  • 8 April

    Neil Young – Well-Known Secret (Screamer-05028-031)

    Well-Known Secret (Screamer-05028-031)   Neil Young’s abrupt departure from his tour with Steven Stills in the summer of 1976 was followed by a month long, nineteen date tour of the US.  The setlist looked very similar to that employed earlier in the year when he visited Japan, Europe and England in the ...

January, 2005

  • 16 January

    Neil Young – Boston Tea Party 1970 (Screamer-040/81019)

      Boston Tea Party 1970 (Screamer-040/81019) Tea Party, Boston, MA – March 1, 1970 Disc 1:  On The Way Home, Broken Arrow, I Am A Child, Helpless, Sugar Mountain, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Winterlong, Down By The River Disc 2:  Wonderin’, The Loner, Cinnamon Girl, Cowgirl In The Sand, ...

  • 7 January

    Neil Young – Another Osaka (Screamer-04027)

      Another Osaka (Screamer-04027) Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan – March 4, 1976 After The Goldrush, Too Far Gone, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, A Man Needs A Maid, No One Seems To Know, Heart Of Gold, (with Crazy Horse):  Country Home, Don’t Cry No Tears, Down By The River, ...

December, 2004

  • 28 December

    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Good Evening Boston (Screamer-04001-004)

    Good Evening Boston (Screamer-04001-004) The greatest virtue of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young are their willingness to take tremendous risks. For almost forty years these four artists have played solo and with one another in many and various permutations.  Their 1974 “reunion” tour, their first of many, offers a clear ...

August, 2004

  • 12 August

    Eric Clapton – Garden Shed (Screamer-05046/47)

      Garden Shed (Screamer-05046/47)  Boston Garden, Boston, MA – September 30th, 1974 Disc 1 (47:31):  Introduction, Better Make It Through Today, Can’t Find My Way Home, I Shot The Sheriff, Badge, Little Rachel, Mainline Florida, Little Wing Disc 2 (43:18):  Singing The Blues, Key To The Highway, Tell The Truth, Layla, Blues ...