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July, 2017

  • 21 July

    New releases on the Tarantura label

    Three brand new releases have just been announced on the Tarantura label From biggest to smallest (In comparison to number of disks); “The Heart Of Punk Rock” is a 5 CD set of U2 IEM / Audience matrix recordings from 2015’s ‘Innocence and Experience’ tour. 3 full shows included over ...

June, 2017

  • 6 June

    Recent new Tarantura releases

    Recent releases from our Far East friend include more exclusive tapes among the rarities; Eric Clapton and his band, ‘Kansas City’ features a single cd, incomplete soundboard recording from the 10th July, 1975 show at the Municipal Auditorium Kansas City, MO. Eric Clapton and has band are joined by Chas and Dave ...

December, 2015

  • 23 December

    Led Zeppelin, ‘Earls Court’ box on Tarantura.

    In the next few days, the Tarantura label will be releasing their large new Led Zeppelin at Earls Court release. The label have been releasing teaser images over the last month, showing the disks, the various different packages and the guitar case (!) that it will be included in. Below ...

November, 2015

  • 10 November

    Rainbow – Child In Time (Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-31)

    Child In Time (Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-31) Sports Palace, Barcelona, Spain – November 30, 1982 Disc 1 (43:05) Pomp And Circumstance, Over The Rainbow, Start, Spotlight Kid, Miss Mistreated, I Surrender, Blues, Can’t Happen Here, Tearin’ Out My Heart, Guitar Solo, Tearin’ Out My Heart, Lazy, All Night Long Disc 2 (42:38) ...

May, 2015

  • 14 May

    Bruce Springsteen – The Live’r In The River (Tarantura TCDBOSS-2-1~3)

    The Live’r In The River (Tarantura TCDBOSS-2-1~3) Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, USA – 1 November, 1980 Disc 1: Born To Run, Out In The Street, Tenth Avenue Freeze-out, Darkness On The Edge Of Town, Independence Day, Factory, For You, Two Hearts, Jackson Cage, The Promised Land, Prove It ...

March, 2015

  • 16 March

    The best of 2014 – The results!

    Finally, we’re there – our readers has been busy beavering away, looking back through their shelves, popping back on their headphones and revisiting the boots that made 2014 such an interesting year for bootlegs. 2014 was a quieter year on record. While there were a few results and new finds, ...

January, 2015

  • 12 January

    Kiss – Maiko Girls From Hell – The Last Night Budokan 1978 (Tarantura TCDKIS78-5-1,2)

    Maiko Girls From Hell – The Last Night Budokan 1978 (Tarantura TCDKIS78-5-1,2) Budokan Dai Hall, Tokyo, Japan – Sunday April 2, 1978 Disc 1(48:01) SE / Monitor Check, Introduction, I Stole Your Love, King Of The Night Time World, Ladies Room, Firehouse, Love Gun, Let Me Go Rock And Roll, ...

  • 4 January

    Kiss – Live! Bootleg (Tarantura TCDKIS-14)

    Live! Bootleg (Tarantura TCDKIS-14) The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA – Thursday December 18, 2003 Disc 1 (45:16) Opening SE, Introduction, Detroit Rock City, Deuce, Shout It Out Loud, Let Me Go Rock ‘N’ Roll, Lick It Up, Firehouse, I Love It Loud, I Want You Disc 2 (37:53) Bass Solo, ...

  • 1 January

    Round up of new Japanese releases

    Announced within the past week there has been the usual flurry of activity for the festive period and the Tarantula label have been busy with some of their biggest release schedule in some time. Firstly, two new Led Zeppelin releases – both have been announced with a choice of twin ...

December, 2014

  • 22 December

    Kiss – Fresno Alive (Tarantura TCDKIS-15)

    Fresno Alive (Tarantura TCDKIS-15) Selland Arena, Fresno, San Francisco, CA, USA – Wednesday August 17, 1977 (56:07) Monitor Check, Introduction, I Stole Your Love, Take Me, Ladies Room, Firehouse, Love Gun, Hooligan, Christine Sixteen, Makin’ Love, Shock Me, Guitar Solo,  Detroit Rock City, Beth, Black Diamond KISS released their sixth ...

  • 12 December

    New Deep Purple and Kiss on Tarantura

    The Tarantura label continue their Hard Rock mission with two new releases from two big bands. “Danish Hard Road” is the Deep Purple show, recorded at Vejlby-Risskov Hallen, Aarhus, Denmark on Saturday April 24th, 1971, produced over two CDs A limited edition of 150, This set is promoted as being ...

  • 6 December

    New release round up – December 2014

    A mixed bag of new releases have recently arrived from the Far East .. The Tarantura label have brought us a new version of the Led Zeppelin, Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada show from Wednesday July 18, 1973. As usual the label have chosen to present us with A and B ...

October, 2014

  • 30 October

    Led Zeppelin’s Destroyer and Rainbow on Tarantura

    As noted on our Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, the luxury Japanese bootlegger, Tarantula have released a new version of one of the most famous bootlegs of all time, “Destroyer”. -Cover A- A soundboard recorded at the Richfield Coliseum, Ohio on Wednesday, 27th April, 1977. -Cover B- The ...

  • 9 October

    New Kiss 2003 title on Tarantura

    The Tarantura label have just announced their newest Kiss issue, “Live! Bootleg” an audience recording of the bands show of the 18th December 2003 at The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA from the bands, “World Domination” tour, a double header with Aerosmith. The show features, of one of only three dates ...

  • 6 October

    Rainbow – Always Catch A Cold (Tarantura TCDRAINBOW – 26R)

    Always Catch A Cold (Tarantura TCDRAINBOW – 26R) Always Catch A Cold (Tarantura TCDRAINBOW – 26) – Cozy International Amphitheater, Chicago, IL, USA – October 12, 1979 (60:22) Introduction, Countdown, Over The Rainbow, Eyes Of The World, Love’s No Friend, Bach Brandenburg Concerto, Over The Rainbow, All Night Long, Keyboard ...

  • 6 October

    Rainbow – Detroit Rock City (Tarantura TCDRAINBOW 25 1,2)

    Detroit Rock City (Tarantura TCDRAINBOW 25 1,2) Ford Auditorium Detroit, MI, USA – Friday, November (18)  21, 1975 Disc 1 (43:14) Guitar Solo, Do You Close Your Eyes, Self Portrait, Greensleeves, Sixteenth Century Greensleeves, Catch The Rainbow, Jam, Man On The Silver Mountain, Guitar Solo, Man On The Silver Mountain ...

  • 2 October

    Rainbow – Attack On Titan (Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-22/23)

    Attack On Titan (Tarantura TCDRAINBOW-22/23) Budokan Dai Hall, Tokyo, Japan – Thursday, May 8, 1980 Original Cassette Master From Aquarius Disc 1 (41:09) Pomp And Circumstance March No.1 (Elger), Countdown, Over The Rainbow, Eyes Of The World, Love’s No Friend, Band Introduction, Guitar Solo, Since You Been Gone, Over The ...

September, 2014

  • 28 September

    “The Destroyer” on Tarantura.

      What could be the definitive version of the “Destroyer” bootleg is soon to join collectors shelves. Whether this actually IS the first night from Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio on April 27, 1977 the label aren’t saying just yet but released on to the internet this morning was this solitary ...

  • 27 September

    Gregg Allman band on Tarantura

    Making his solo appearance on the Tarantura label, Gregg Allman and (at that time) his new wife Cher with the title, “Eat The Peach – The Honeymoon tour”. The band were touring the Far East promoting “Playin’ Up A Storm”, Allman’s latest album. The show at the Nippon Budokan on ...

  • 24 September

    New Rainbow releases on Tarantura.

    The Tarantura label have recently released two new Rainbow releases from two different years in the bands history. “Detroit Rock City” features one of the groups shows at the Ford Auditorium, Detroit, MI U.S.A. A little ambiguity about the date – it was recorded on either the 18th or 21st ...