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December, 2010

  • 19 December

    Rick Wakeman – Music Reincarnate (Highland HL184)

    Music Reincarnate (Highland HL184) Hammersmith Odeon, London, England – March 1st, 1976 (59:34):  Music Reincarnate Part III The Spaceman, Catherine Howard (incl. guitar solo), Sir Lancelot And The Black Knight, Music Reincarnate Part IV The Realisation, The Forest, Catherine Parr, The Prisoner, Merlin The Magician Rick Wakeman remained a prolific ...

  • 19 December

    Rick Wakeman – In Concert (King Biscuit Flower Hour Records 70710-88009-2)

    In Concert (King Biscuit Flower Hour Records 70710-88009-2) Winterland Theater, San Francisco, CA – November 2nd, 1975 (75:29):  Journey to the Center of the Earth, Catherine Howard, Lancelot & The Black Knight, Anne Boleyn, The Forest, Arthur & Guinevere, Merlyn the Magician, Catherine Parr Rick Wakeman’s ambition reached a peak with the King Arthur LP and the ...

April, 2010

  • 5 April

    Rick Wakeman – Rock Explosion ’75 (Reel Masters-014)

    Rock Explosion ’75 (Reel Masters-014) Shibyua-kokaido, Tokyo, Japan – January 17th, 1975 Disc 1 (39:39):  Opening, Catherine Parr, Guinevere, Catherine Howard. Disc 2 (71:28):  Journey To The Centre Of The Earth:  The Journey, Recollection, The Battle, The Forest.  Bonus tracks radio interviews from Japan:  Programme 1, Programme 2. DVDR (approx. ...

  • 5 April

    Rick Wakeman – Amazing Journey (Siréne-058)

    Amazing Journey (Siréne-058) Boston Garden, Boston, MA, – October 5th, 1974 Disc 1 (42:43):  Introduction, Horizon, Symphony #1 in D Opus 13 by Rachmoninov, selections from The Six Wives of Henry VIII:  Catherine Parr, Catherine Howard, Ann Bolyen, Something Completely Different. Disc 2 (50:26):  Journey To The Centre Of The ...

September, 2009

  • 13 September

    Yes – Soloworks (Highland HL323/324)

    Soloworks (Highland HL323/324) Disc 1 (71:48):  Rick Wakeman,  BBC Session February 1st, 1973:  Anne Of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr.  Rick Wakeman, Steve Howe & Brian May – Goldon Giltrop ’94:  Heartsong.  Rick Wakeman unreleased sessions ’92:  Data Base, Lytton’s Diary.  Rick Wakeman, KORG demo ’92:  Catherine Howard.  Steve Howe, Danbury, CT – October 13th, ...