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August, 2010

  • 4 August

    Jeff Beck – Thank The Lord (Wardour-082)

    Thank The Lord (Wardour-082) The 1980s were a period where the big rock acts flirted with a manufactured pop style then popular.  There were a heavy reliance upon keyboard arrangements, sultry saxophones and attempts at hooks with every song to the exclusion of individual expression and experimentation.  For twenty years (since 1966’s Roger The ...

  • 3 August

    Jeff Beck – The Moving Finger (Wardour-080)

    The Moving Finger (Wardour-080) Furitsu-Taiikukan, Osaka, Japan – December 5th, 1980 Disc 1 (39:42):  Opening, Star Cycle, El Becko, Too Much To Lose, The Pump, Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers, Space Boogie, Led Boots Disc 2 (57:12):  Freeway Jam, Diamond Dust, Scatterbrain, drum solo / Scatterbrain, Blue Wind, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, You Never Know, Going Down, outroduction Touring for the 1980 album There ...

July, 2010

  • 31 July

    Jeff Beck Group – Rough, Ready, Go! (Wardour-035)

    Rough, Ready, Go! (Wardour-035) Aerie Crown Theater, Chicago, IL – May 13, 1972 (77:16):  Ice Cream Cakes, Morning Dew, Keyboards Solo – Going Down, Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You, Glad All Over, Jeff’s Boogie, Definitely Maybe, Situation, New Ways – Train Train, Let Me Love You, Got The Feeling The second version of the Jeff Beck Group actually ...

June, 2010

  • 24 June

    Queen – The Pleasure Chest (Wardour-081)

    The Pleasure Chest (Wardour-081) International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan – April 28th, 1979 Disc 1 (70:39):  We Will Rock You (slow), We Will Rock You (fast), Let Me Entertain You, Somebody To Love, If You Can’t Beat Them, Death On Two Legs, Killer Queen, Bicycle Race, I’m In Love With ...

May, 2010

  • 19 May

    Jeff Beck – Heavy Blow (Wardour-079)

    Heavy Blow (Wardour-079) Music Hall, Boston, MA – May 3rd, 1975 (64:17):  Jeff’s Boogie / Constipated Duck, drum intro / She’s A Woman, Freeway Jam, Definitely Maybe, Superstition, keyboard solo, Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers, Power, Got The Feeling, You Know What I Mean Heavy Blow is the second release of Jeff ...

April, 2010

  • 6 April

    Queen – Last Concert In Japan (Wardour-031)

    Last Concert In Japan (Wardour-031) Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan – May 15th, 1985 Disc 1:  Machines intro., Tear It Up, Tie Your Mother Down, Under Pressure, Somebody To Love, piano improv., Killer Queen, Seven Seas Of Rhye, Keep Yourself Alive, Liar, impromptu, It’s A Hard Life, Day-O, Dragon Attack, Now ...

  • 6 April

    Queen – Prime Jive (Wardour-030)

     Prime Jive (Wardour-030) Queen’s little visit to Japan in February 1981 was unusual for several reasons.  They gave five concerts, all in the capital Tokyo with no visits to the provincial cities.  There is also confusion about what exactly they were promoting on this tour.  Their latest LP was The ...

  • 6 April

    Queen – Stadium Rock (Wardour-028 & Wardour-028S)

    Stadium Rock (Wardour-028 & Wardour-028S) Nishinoomiya Stadium, Kobe, Japan – October 24th, 1982 Disc 1:  Flash intro., The Hero, We Will Rock You (fast), Action This Day, Somebody To Love, Calling All Girls, Now I’m Here, Put Out The Fire, Dragon Attack / Now I’m Here (reprise), Love Of My ...

  • 6 April

    Queen – Houston 1977 (Wardour-027)

     Houston 1977 (Wardour-027) The Summit, Houston, TX – December 11th, 1977 Disc 1:  Intro (We Will Rock You slow, taped), We Will Rock You (fast), Brighton Rock, Somebody To Love, Death On Two Legs, Killer Queen, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, I’m In Love With My Car, Get Down ...

  • 6 April

    Queen – Firedance (Wardour-050)

    Firedance (Wardour-050) International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan – October 26th, 1982 Disc 1:  Flash Intro, Rock It, We Will Rock You (fast), Action This Day, Play The Game, Calling All Girls, Now I’m Here, Put Out The Fire, Dragon Attack, Now I’m Here (reprise), Love Of My Life, improvisation, Save Me, Get Down Make Love, guitar solo Disc 2:  Body Language, Under Pressure, Fat Bottomed Girls, Teo ...

  • 6 April

    Queen – The Ultimate Entertainer (Wardour-012)

     The Ultimate Entertainer (Wardour-012) The Stadium, Chicago, IL – December 7th, 1978 Disc 1:  Intro., We Will Rock You (fast), Let Me Entertain You, Somebody To Love, If You Can’t Beat Them, Death On Two Legs/Killer Queen/Bicycle Race/I’m In Love With My Car/Get Down Make Love/Your My Best Friend, ...

  • 6 April

    Queen – Ultimate Dreamer (Wardour-020)

     Ultimate Dreamer (Wardour-020) Ultimate Dreamer, the latest excellent Queen release on Wardour, is an updated and definitive version of the Zoom 1979 (LLX 3/4/5/6) release from many years ago.  The tapes used for this release are very good to excellent with just a tinge of fuzziness.  This achievement is especially ...

  • 6 April

    Queen – Space Boogie (Wardour-011)

     Space Boogie (Wardour-011) Seibu Stadium, Tokyo, Japan – November 3rd, 1982 Disc 1:  Flash intro, The Hero, We Will Rock You (fast), Action This Day, Play The Game, Calling All Girls, Now I’m Here/Put Out The Fire/Dragon Attack/Now I’m Here, Love Of My Life, Save Me Disc 2:  Get ...

  • 6 April

    Queen – At Last Budokan (Wardour-007)

    At Last Budokan (Wardour-007) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan – May 9th, 1985 Disc 1:  Machines, Tear It Up, Tie Your Mother Down, Under Pressure, Somebody To Love/Killer Queen/Seven Seas Of Rhye/Keep Yourself Alive/Liar, vocal improvisation, It’s A Hard Life, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Dragon Attack, Now I’m Here, Is This The World ...

March, 2010

  • 28 March

    Robert Plant – Swing And Sway (Wardour-077)

    Swing And Sway (Wardour-077) After Robert Plant’s first extensive tour as a solo artist of the US and UK in 1983, he opened 1984 with visits to  Australia and New Zealand before closing the Principle Of Moments tour with eight shows in Japan and one in Hong Kong.  This was ...

  • 27 March

    Queen – Breathtaking Beauty (Wardour-078)

    Breathtaking Beauty (Wardour-078) Boston Garden, Boston, MA – February 9, 1977 (79:56):  A Day At The Races overture, Tie Your Mother Down, Ogre Battle, White Queen, Somebody To Love, Killer Queen, The Millionaire Waltz, You’re My Best Friend, Bring Back That Leroy Brown, Sweet Lady, Brighton Rock, ’39, You Take ...

February, 2010

  • 3 February

    Queen – Vienna Magic (Wardour-076)

    Vienna Magic (Wardour-076) Ever since Queen’s first visit to Vienna in 1978, relatively late in their career for such an important city, they visited the Austrian capital on every tour until their last.  On the Magic tour Queen played two sold out shows on July 21st and July 22nd.  These were ...

December, 2009

  • 1 December

    Jeff Beck with Stanley Clarke – Out Of Darkness (Wardour-040)

    Out Of Darkness (Wardour-040) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan – December 2nd, 1978 Disc 1 (35:11):  Darkness – Earth In Search Of  A Sun, Star Cycle, Freeway Jam, Cat Moves, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Stanley Clarke solo / School Days Disc 2 (56:45):  Journey To Love, Lopsy Lu, Diamond Dust, Scatterbrain, Simon Phillips ...

November, 2009

  • 18 November

    Jeff Beck – Sling Shot (Wardour-072)

    Sling Shot (Wardour-072) Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA – December 2nd, 1989 (73:08):  Savoy, Guitar Shop, Sling Shot, Big Block, Behind The Veil, Freeway Jam, Where Were You, Stand On It, Goodbye Porkpie Hat, Two Rivers, Day In The House, Train Kept A-Rollin’, Blue Wind, People Get Ready, Going Down (with Stevie Ray Vaughn) When Guitar Shop was released ...

  • 12 November

    Queen – Dynasty (Wardour-073)

    Dynasty (Wardour-073) Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany – September 27th, 1984 Disc 1 (51:32):  Machines, Tear It Up, Tie Your Mother Down, Under Pressure, Somebody To Love, Killer Queen, Seven Seas Of Rhye, Keep Yourself Alive, Liar, Impromptu, It’s A Hard Life, Mustapha Intro., Dragon Attack, Now I’m Here, Is This The World We Created?, Love Of My Life Disc 2 (60:18):  Stone Cold Crazy/Great King Rat, Keyboard Solo, Guitar Solo/Brighton ...