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Derek And The Dominos – Soul Mates Twin Flames (Mid Valley 309-310)


Soul Mates Twin Flames (Mid Valley 309-310) 

Curtis Hixon Hall, Tampa, Florida – December 1, 1970
Disc 1:  Layla, Got To Get Better In A Little While, Key To The Highway, Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
Disc 2:  Blues Power, Have You Ever Loved A Woman, Bottle Of Red Wine, Let It Rain
Derek and the Dominos with Skydog

This is the only known live performance of Derek and the Dominos with Duane Allman. The insert claims that he joined the band on at least one other occasion but so far nothing has been documented. There are two known sources available for this show in Tampa. Previous releases include Live at Tampa on Red Light and two versions by Mid Valley as Soul Mates and Soul Mates 2 (each containing different bonus tracks).

Soul Mates 2 is also said to contain the better source tape. This third version from Mid Valley is a two source mix with the main source sounding very good, having a fuller and more defined low end. The secondary source is a step down in quality but is used only to fill in the gaps of the primary source. For some reason, the running order of the songs on Twin Flames is different than the two previous Mid Valley releases, but shares the same order as Live at Tampa.

“Layla” really benefits from two guitars tonight. Duane adds a lot to this version, adding guitar fills to the versus and picking up the signature melody in the choruses, things Clapton was not able to cover alone on guitar.

Duane is also highlighted during “Key to the Highway” with some very nice slide playing. Throughout the show, the interplay between him and Clapton seems very natural, probably because they share a similar blues background. Aside from Duane’s guitar being out of tune for a few of the songs (“Why Does Love”, “Blues Power”, and “Have You Ever Loved”), the show goes off pretty well. This is certainly a unique and intriguing performance by the band, warts and all.

This title is recommended to those who were not lucky enough to have got one of the previous versions. Limited to 1000 (did I just say limited?), Mid Valley delivers an excellent package. Their artwork is printed on thick card stock and the insert contains a short essay about the event. The cover art even contains a rare photograph from the show. This is a great release that’s worth its weight in gold due to the historic value alone. Pressing this on gold discs would have been a nice touch.

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  1. To my slight surprise, a Clapton site that I regularly visit actually has the sound quality of “In the Sky Dog” by the ARMS label rated as being 4 out of 6, while “Soul Mates Twin Flames” is given only a 3+, and the first two versions of “Soul Flames” (1 & 2) are given only a 3 for each.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something here, but it’s too bad that Mid Valley didn’t include any bonus tracks at all for this “Twin Flames” version of theirs, as the set of bonus tracks that they used for the very 1st “Soul Mates” would have made this one especially worth tracking down – prob. even for those who already have one of the non-“Soul Mates” releases, such as the ARMS version.

  3. oldman24, unfortunately neither “Layla” nor “Key to the Highway” are complete on the ARMS release, as “Layla” cuts in (8:49 in length), & “Key to the Highway” ends prematurely (11:29-long).

  4. @Dlee
    After doing some research on the net I wonder if both Layla and Key to the Highway are complete on the ARMS release. Layla seeems to cut-in and Key to the Highway seems to cut out on some releases. Could you shine some light on this?

  5. Oldman24, I’m not sure, esp. since I haven’t heard any other version to compare it to, but it seems to be prob. just the better source. The ARMS release is currently being auctioned on eBay, although it closes in less than 24 hrs. from now, and so maybe you can try e-mailing the seller to become sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if I turn out to be wrong, and if anyone here could correct or confirm such, it’ll be appreciated.

  6. @DLee
    Is the 2-CD “In the Sky Dog”(ARMS) also a 2 source mix or does it contain 1 source and if so, which one?

  7. For those who aren’t able to find or afford the Mid Valley releases of this show, the 2-CD “In the Sky Dog” (“Featuring Duane Allman”; “2nd Generation from Master Tapes”; ARMS label – 40/41 PR) seems to be a fairly decent alternative that possibly has considerably better availability (easier to find). It also has 6 good bonus tracks that are claimed to be from the early show at the Fillmore East 1970-10-23, although neither Melanie Troxel, nor Shelly Anderson, nor Ashley Force can verify/confirm.

  8. This set also shows up on Tarantura’s 11CD D&D release of a few years back entitled 35th Anniversary (or something like that). Good enough version to wish there was more out there featuring Duane Allman.

  9. I have downloaded this release, and I must say, it’s the Mutt’s Nuts, and will stay on my hard drive for many years to come, as I have to keep giving the burned CDs of it away to people I play the show for. The sound quality is quite tolerable, and the performances of Duane and Eric more than make up for any inequities of the tape soures. Put on your “bootleg ears” and enjoy a sparkling rarity– it was amazingly captured, one-of-a-kind performances like this that got me into bootlegs in the first place over 30 years ago…

  10. The sound quality isn’t the greatest but tolerable given the historic importance of the recording. Mid Valley did a more than adequate job in making this tape actually enjoyable and Soul Mates Twin Flames is a very good release.

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