Eric Clapton – Comes Over You (Beano-050)

 Comes Over You (Beano-050)

Lakewood Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA – July 28th, 1990

Disc 1 (72:29):  Opening, Pretending, No Alibis, Running On Faith, I Shot The Sheriff, White Room, Can’t Find My Way Home, Bad Love, Before You Accuse Me, Old Love

Disc 2 (64:33):  Badge, Wonderful Tonight, Member Introduction, Cocaine, A Remark You Made, Layla, Crossroads, Sunshine Of Your Love

The second leg of Eric Clapton’s US Journeyman tour took place in July and August, 1990.  The July 28th show at the Lakewood Amphitheater was his second visit to Atlanta, following the first leg opener at the Omni on May 28th.  

Comes Over You is the first silver edition of this particular show.  It is a fair audience recording, but it has been professionally remastered to sound much better.  The volume is higher but without any increase in hiss and distortion, and the balance has been corrected.  The mastering has transformed a tape that was graded from poor to mediocre to being good to almost very good.

The set remained pretty much the same for the entire tour including his visit to Japan later in the year, so there are no surprises.  The only change was “Tearing Us Apart,” played the first half of the year after “Old Love,” was dropped in favor of “Badge.”  

Atlanta was taped outdoors and the entire concert has a warm, summer evening laid back feeling to it.  The newer songs such as “Pretending” and “No Alibis” fit in well with the older songs during the first half of the show.  

“I Shot The Sheriff” retains the reggae beat from the seventies but has an eighties disco vibe thanks to Greg Phillinganes’ keyboards and the female backing singers.  It segues into “White Room.”  The Cream song was often played in the eighties, given a majestic arrangements sounding like the portal to hell (or a stairway to heaven?)  But the performances on the Journeyman tour are much more subtle.  

Nathan East sings “Can’t Find My Way Home,” sounding much closer to the Steve Winwood vocal delivery of 1969 than other versions Clapton played throughout the years.  The dreamy arrangement of the song sounds quite pretty and appealing, and is followed by the aggressive and harsh “Bad Love” from the new album.

The Bo Diddley cover “Before You Accuse Me” is the main orthodox blues number from the new album and is given the respect it deserves.  But “Old Love” is the show’s centerpiece.  Everyone takes a solo including Ray Cooper bashing the xylophone.  The melodramatic melody restores much of the gravitas missing from other numbers.  

“Badge” is played straight and segues into “Wonderful Tonight.”  After the band introduction they play “Cocaine,” the Jaco Pastorius tribute “A Remark You Made” and close with “Layla,” Clapton’s biggest hits from the seventies.

The encores date back to Cream with “Crossroads” and a very long performance of “Sunshine Of Your Love.”  Both Steve Ferrone and Ray Cooper take solos.  The first is a conventional solo on the kit and the latter with Cooper’s call-and-response games with the audience.

Comes Over You is a good Beano release.  The show is very good as is the sound quality.  It is a rather obscure show and certainly not essential, but is a nice title to have for the collection.  

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