Eric Clapton – World Tour 1978 (ECR 005/006)

World Tour 1978 (EC Rarities 005/006)

The Coliseum, Charlotte, NC – March 24, 1978

Disc1. The Core – Worried Life Blues – Peaches And Diesel – Wonderful Tonight – Lay Down Sally – Rodeo man – Fools Paradise – Cocaine
Disc2. Double Trouble – Badge – Nobody Knows You – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – Key To The Highway – Layla – Bottle Of Red Wine

This release is incomplete musically speaking, but it still captures all that is likely to exist from EC’s gig in Charlotte, NC on his 1978 US Tour. This tour is very well documented by the existence of recordings from other nights, none of them as stunning as the Santa Monica show on Feb. 11 on The Swinging Pig’s “Wonderful Tonight” (TSP-CD-196-1/2) box set and also recently released by the Mid Valley gang as “California Wind”, a release I would like to listen to sometime.

“World Tour 1978” features a soundboard tape that shows its age but you will still be happy to play. The gig takes place 6 weeks after the Santa Monica show mentioned above and it is good to compare recordings to see how the band developed in that period of time.

By this time gigs now take off with “The Core” instead of the “Peaches And Diesel / Wonderful Tonight” combo. There is no “Next Time You See Her” which I really miss but we are treated to a great rendition of “Worried Life Blues” instead. “Peaches And Diesel” is a great piece of instrumental music you will only hear EC play on this tour, so this is one of the scarce chances for you to have it in soundboard quality.

Don Williams was a big influence on EC and you can tell that from EC’s addition of the great “Rodeo Man” to the setlist. “Fools Paradise” comes next to feature a great Marcy Levy on vocals and “Cocaine”, which sees EC taking a two minute solo just closes Disc1 just fading out at the very end.

“Double Trouble” is as good as it gets and there is no bad performance of “Badge” so there can’t be a better way of starting Disc2. “Nobody Knows You” is sung by Marcy Levy again – on its own for the first two minutes before the rest of the band joins her to complete a great performance of this classic.

“Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” gives EC the opportunity to play those subtle licks on Blackie that only God knows how much I love. Some people claim “Key To The Highway” to have a small glitch at 3:36 but my silver disc has no problems there and it just plays perfectly at that point. “Layla” – beautiful with a little help from George Terry on the coda – and “Bottle Of Red Wine” close the show.

Nice release to own but maybe hard to get at this time. Recommended.

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