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    I think Eric Clapton’s work between 1965-70 was his best work, and the foundation upon which his reputation rests. The recent MV release of the Marquee Club performance from August 1970 features superb remastering of an old tape that has appeared a number of times before. Whoever did this remastering on this previously mediocre recording deserves a coffee bean factory. The packaging is very nice with appropriate photos and a nice layout. I have a number of Dominoes concert tapes, this is the most enjoyable listen I have come across. The band work well together particularly Bobby Whitlock who seems to inspire ECs singing and playing which is nice and ferocious here.
    The sound quality is very good, and is a well balanced recording close to the stage. The fidelity isn’t as good as the professionally recorded Fillmore East shows, but the remastering here would have made this a very nice inclusion in the very disappointing Layla 40th box set.
    I saw this band five weeks after this performance. they started on that night with the fast version of Tell the Truth, similar to the recording here.
    A pity it all went wrong. EC has done some good work since, but he’s never topped this kind of performance. I wonder what he now thinks about the dynamism he had back then?

  2. I love this site!! Forgive me for being new at this but how do I go about finding a torrent with a particular release you have written about. I have searched all the torrent sites I know, Is there something I’m missing??
    Thanks again!

  3. DLee – thanks for your comments, that’s really interesting. I contacted the chap who runs the Bootledz website and he wasn’t aware of the OMS label, so your remarks are very useful. If I decide to buy a copy of “To Be A Rock And Not To Roll” on OMS then I’ll certainly let you know what the outcome was, just for the record. Thanks again.

  4. The Vintage Masters contains what many would consider the definitive Lamb performance. That, coupled with the great professional sound quality, makes it an essential title to have.

    That said, the other ones are also good to have. You can read my comments and make your judgements, but if there is only one Lamb title to have it would be the Vintage Masters.

  5. gsparaco: this is a question for you. back in Aug 2008 you recommended The Lamb Rock Opera on Vintage Masters Premium to that particular collector who ask you about a Lamb era boot. Recently a bunch of new titles have surfaced and I wonder if you still would recommend Vintage Masters or any other. Thanks in advance.

  6. strummerville, sorry if this reply from me is a belatedly redundant one by now, as I had forgotten about your question until the most recent posting here reminded me of it, but for whatever this info. might be worth to you, late last summer or early last fall I bought the Rolling Stones 4-CD “Black Box” on the OMS label from a very reliable seller, and the outer packaging claims that its 4 discs are supposed to be gold, but they’re actually true factory-pressed original silvers that are only slightly golden in hue/sheen, and the software program CDR Identifier (Version 1.63; downloadable freeware) identifies them as such rather than any type(s) of CD-R discs. However, the Stones 1-disc title “Live’r Than You’ll Ever Be – 30th Anniversary Edition” by OMS, is described as being just a 1-pro-CD-R release by just about every Stones boot site that I’ve visited so far. There’s one of it currently being auctioned on eBay, but the seller claims that it’s an “original factory pressed CD”, which I tend to suspiciously doubt.

  7. hi guys i wish i could have these in my house

  8. Can anyone confirm whether the label ORIGINAL MASTER SERIES (OMS) use silver discs or CD-Rs for their productions….? Their version of Led Zeppelin – “To Be A Rock And Not To Roll” claims to contain 4 x remastered gold discs, but it has been suggested that their remastered “gold discs” are actually CD-Rs with a gold sheen on the play side, similar to those old Kodak CD-R’s. Can anyone confirm this…? Thanks.

  9. Hi – site is great – I have the newest EV release for Led Zeppelin – Ramapaging Cajun – very nice – any questions let me know!

  10. >>>Cosmos Radio Show (limited bonus CDR)<<<

    <<<KPPC FM Radio Interviews: Interview with Nick Mason & Richard Wright at KPPC-FM Pasadena on 16th October 1971<<<

    <<<The limited edition CDR accompanying Santa Monica 1971 is a recording of an interview Nick Mason and Richard Wright did that day in Pasadena. It is taped off of KPPC-FM with DJ Ted Alvy…<<<

    Hello Collectors Music Reviews,

    TED ALVY (deejay Cosmos Topper) here. tedalvy.com

    the interview was distributed for FREE, not to make money. if your interview limited bonus CDR makes any money (it may be packaged as a freebie with the 2 cd concert), the SIGMA label should donate some money to the Richie Hayward Benefit Fund (the drummer from Little Feat has liver cancer and needs a liver transplant, as he lives near vancouver canada and has no health insurance), a fave of mine (as i do not want any money from the interview cd):


    Peace, Ted Alvy tedalvy at aol dot com

  11. Infinite thanks for this most essential reference site. Obviously, everyone can dig the concise and comprehensive reviews of not just audio/video quality, but performance, packaging….. we get it all! Am especially looking forward to results of your auditioning the Sigma Pink Floyd releases.

  12. hi guys,what a wonderful site.i”m always looking at this site more than all the others put together,but i have a problem,i would like to get in contact with somebody in the uk who has some of this stuff so i can do blanks and postage.in the words of pink floyd..IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE. MY MAIN INTERESTSARE..ERIC CLAPTON AND GEORGE HARRISON….JEDCOP

  13. Thank you for the compliment. The Lamb soundboards have been a mixed bag of late. For a professional recording you have to go with The Lamb Rock Opera on Vintage Masters Premium.

    Over the coming months I’ll revisit the Lamb shows on the Highland label and post reviews since there are some good ones on that label.

  14. I have a question to the experts: what is a really good boot by Gabriel-era Genesis, when they perform the entire “Lamb”? Seems every time you guys review one, it says that big chunks are missing; usually on Side 3 (vinyl). Would love to find one.
    Oh – great site! And the guy gsparaco, reviewer = very good.

  15. This site is absolutely fantastic and invaluable. WOW. THANK YOU!!!!