Michael Jackson – The Real History (Apocalypse Sound AS126)


The Real History (Apocalypse Sound AS126)


Apocalypse Sound has put together a great compilation of material on this DVD.  The overall quality is great and should appeal to not only the collector but casual fan as well.  The footage ranges from 1981-1996, is all professionally filmed and taken from various TV appearances.

*Diana Ross Show – 1981*

Rock With You, Ease On Down The Road (w/ DR), Upsdide Down (W/ DR), Rock With You (W/ DR).

Taken from 1981 this first segment showcases Michael’s  appearances on Diana Ross’ TV show.  The footage looks a bit dated but the quality is excellent.

*Motown 25th Anniversary – 1983*

I Want You Back, The Love You Save, Never Can Say Goodbye, I’ll Be There, Billie Jean, Someday We’ll Be Together (w/ Diana Ross & The Supremes)

This segment features Michael along with his brothers performing as the Jackson 5.  Michael truly shines more than his brothers but they perform well as a group and the bond between them all is more than apparent.  Michael performs Billie Jean by himself prior to bringing everyone out to close the show.  The quality of this segment is perfect and the sound is exceptional.

*MTV Live Clip : Houston Astrodome – 1984*

This seems to be a promotional video which aired numerous times on MTV and more than ikely was put into heavy rotation.  It shows the stage being built for the Jackson 5 tour and many fan comments are included as well.  The Jackson 5 perform Billie Jean live slightly faster than the original tempo but it adds to the overall intensity of the song.  This clip is perfect quality

*Countdown Special – New York – 1984*

Off The Wall, Human Nature.

This is a short documentary of the New York Jackson 5 Concert which was filmed for european tv and features comments from fans concerning high ticket prices.  There’s live clips of Off The Wall and Human Nature.  Both of which are a bit faster than the original versions.  The live footage is a single camera on a tri-pod which was filmed from the soundboard.  The audio is from the soundboard feed.  This is well put together and gives the viewer a view of how much demand there was to see the Jackson 5 tour in 1984.

*Grammy Awards – 1988*

The Way You Make Me Feel, Man In The Mirror.

Here we have 2 songs from the 1988 Grammy awards.  Michael lip-synchs his way through The Way You Make Me Feel but actually sings Man In The Mirror.  He has a little help from a choir and a few back-up singers on stage.  The quality of this clip is perfect as well.

*MTV 10th Anniversary – 1992*

Black or White (w/ Slash), Will You Be There.

This has to be the best version of Black or White ever!!!  Slash adds a fire to the song and this forces Michael to step up the intensity of his performance.  Slash just kills on this song.  Michael follows up with a great version of Will You Be There featuring a full Choir of children behind him.  The choreography is well put together and definitely adds to setting the mood of this song.

*Super Bowl Half Time Show – 1993*

Report, Intro / Billie Jean, Black Or White, We Are The World, Heal The World.

For this performance Michael shared the stage w/ 3500 children.  Michael used this performance to show the world how change was and still is needed.  His energy during this performance is just insane.  Although he’s lip synching he still puts everything he has into it.

*Soul Train Awards – 1995*

Dangerous, You Are Not Alone.

This performance really showcases Michael as a dancer more over a singer.  The choreography its perfectly and audience just eats it up.  Michael turns in a riveting performance of You Are Not Alone.  He succeeds in uniting everyone into one big chorus and you can hear the girls screaming for him in the background.  This clip says everything about how Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop.

*Brit Awards – 1996*

Earth Song.

There are a few tracking problems during a tiny part of this clip.  It is still definitely worth watching.  Michael lip synchs this version but overall it’s an incredible performance is perfect to end this dvd with.  During this performance Jarvis Cocker of the band Pulp decided it would be a good idea to run up on stage and run around lifting his shirt up and showing his butt (w/ underwear) towards Michael’s direction.  Evidently Jarvis was questioned by the police on suspicion of hurting 3 of the children on stage but this was never proved.  This performance helped Earth Song to spend 6 weeks on the top of the UK charts.

AS has really outdone themselves with this compilation.  This one puts all other Michael Jackson releases to shame and is definitely worth seeking out.  It makes the perfect gift for any Michael Jackson fan or for your collection.  If you get only one Michael Jackson release in your lifetime let it be this one.  You will not be disappointed.  (Harley Dog Feb. 2008)

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