Ozzy Osbourne – Flying High (Apocalypse Sound AS 129)


Flying High (Apocalypse Sound AS 129)

Tower Theatre   Philadelphia, Pa. June 4, 1989

Total running time 84 minutes

Intro, I Don’t Know, Flying High Again, Mr Crowley, Shot In The Dark, Bloodbath In Paradise -inc. Guitar Solo, Sweet Leaf, War Pigs, Tattooed Dancer – inc. Drum Solo, Miracle Man, Suicide Solution, Iron Man, Crazy Train, Paranoid

This new, single layered silver pressed DVD captures a professionally filmed concert originally done for pay per view on the second leg of the USA tour to promote the Ozz mans recent release “No Rest For The Wicked”. The picture quality is close to excellent, no color bleed or generational fuzziness to it. Sound is PCM stereo and also excellent in quality.Now that we have the formalities out of the way lets go back to 1987, the departure of Jake E. Lee after two successful records, Ozzy recruits Zakk Wylde on guitar and proceeds to put out arguable his best studio record since Diary of a Madman. Zakk’s love of Tony Iommi and Randy Rhoads playing was evident and the release had a heavier edge than its predecessors. Ozzy then proceeded to put together a hell of a touring line up, Wylde on guitar, Geezer Butler on bass, John Sinclair on keyboards, and the late Randy Castillo on drums.

The DVD starts with backstage footage of the band warming up and getting ready to go onstage.  This is the Ozzy we know and love, full of energy, working the crowd as only he can, drenching the crowd with buckets of water and the obligatory “let me see your hands”. The set list has a good mixture of Sabbath classics and solo tunes that will not disappoint, during Suicide Solution he brings all three of his kids onstage to roaring approval, its funny to see Jack on his fathers shoulders plugging his ears.

There is a minor stage invasion during Crazy Train, probably staged but fun none the less, but afterwards I am forced to ask, who let the guy in the Def Leppard shirt on stage ?

Packaging is a digi pack style foldout with the pictures from the gig on the inside and various other pictures adorning the outside cover, DVD menu is basic and easily maneuverable but there are no extras.

Together with the Irvine 82 and Salt Lake 84 professionally filmed concerts this is great document of Ozzy in the 80’s. (relayer67)

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