Bob Dylan – Fourth Time Around (Scorpio Genuine Bootleg Series 4)


Fourth Time Around (Scorpio Genuine Bootleg Series 4)

Disc 1:  Rangers Command, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Midnight Special, It Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad, Baby Please Don’t Go, Ballad Of The Gliding Swan, James Alley Blues, Lone Time Gone, Only A Hobo, Not The Cough Song, Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, Troubled And I Don’t Know Why, Ballad Of Hollis Brown, Boots Of Spanish Leather, North Country Blues, Seven Curses, Eternal Circle, Mr. Tambourine Man, Outlaw Blues, Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?, Keep It With Mine

Disc 2:  Tell Me Mama, Ain’t Got No Home, See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, One Too Many Mornings, Song To Woody, If Not For You, Put My Money Down, For You Oh Babe For You, Going Going Gone, What Will You Do When Jesus Comes?, No Man Righteous, I Will Sing, Let’s Keep It Between Us, Shot Of Love, In The Summertime, Let It Be Me, The Groom Is Still Waiting At The Altar, I And I, Side Walks Fences And Walls

Disc 3:  Soon, Ring Them Bells, Dignity, Two By Two, Born In Time, Wiggle Wiggle, TV Talkin’ Song, Unbelievable, Under The Red Sky, Polly Vaughn, Catskill Serenade, Miss The Mississippi, Sloppy Drunk, If You Belong To Me, Anyway You Want Me, Lawdy Miss Claudy, Money Honey, Money Honey II, I Can’t Get You Off My Mind, Return To Me, Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache, Tell Old Bill, A Change Is Gonna Come

Fourth Time Around is the latest in the Scorpio series of outtakes, following Genuine Bootleg Series (Scorpio 94-14-01/02/03) in 1994, Genuine Bootleg Series 2 (Scorpio GZ  H21975/ H2202/ H21930) in 1995, and  Genuine Bootleg Series 3 The Third One Now (Scorpio GZ J81310/J70918/J70826) in 1999.  All have been compilations with both new material and common songs in upgraded quality and the fourth installment in the series follows the same pattern.  The tracks cover the forty year span of Dylan’s career with special empahsis upon the sixties on disc one and the ninties on disc three.  The first disc begins with “Ranger’s Command.”  The liner notes state this was recorded in Cynthia Gooding’s apartment in September 1961, but in reality it was recorded by Gooding at Gerdes Folk City in New York on September 29th, 1961.  It surfaced with the apartment tape and its origin has been confused ever since.  

“Baby Let Me Follow You Down” was recorded in Bonnie Beecher’s apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 22, 1961.  This track has circulated before but this does sound like a slight upgrade. “Midnight Special” dates from Dylan’s sessions with Harry Belafonte recorded at Webster Hall in New York on February 2nd, 1962 and has never circulated.  “(It Makes) A Long Time Man Feel Bad” comes from Cynthia Gooding’s radio show recorded the same month as the previous track.  “Baby Please Don’t Go” is a cover of the Muddy Waters track dating from the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan sessions on April 25, 1962.  Scorpio downloaded this track from the iTunes Bob Dylan:  The Collection

“Ballad Of The Gliding Swan” was recorded for the BBC television program “Madhouse on Castle Street” on either December 30, 1962 or January 4, 1963.  This track is only one minute long in good mono. “James Alley Blues,” “Long Time Gone,” “Only A Hobo,” “Not The Cough Song,” and “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” come from the third and fourth MacKenzie tapes, September 1962 and April 1963.  The middle three have never circulated before and all are in excellent sound quality making them the highlight of the first disc.  “Not The Cough Song” is really an untitled instrumental featuring Dylan’s folk picking on the guitar.  “Hard Rain” dates from the second MacKenzie tape in September, 1962 right around the time the song received its public debut on September 22nd at Carnegie Hall.  “Troubled And I Don’t Know Why” is a duet with Joan Baez recorded on August 17, 1963 at Forest Hills and has been officially released.  

“Ballad Of Hollis Brown,” “Boots Of Spanish Leather,” “North Country Blues,” and “Seven Curses” come from the October 26, 1963 performance at Carnegie Hall in New York.  The first three tracks are from the Bob Dylan At Carnegie Hall EP released by Columbia in 2005 and “Seven Curses” comes from the Columbia acetate that was planned for release.  “Eternal Circle” and “Mr. Tambourine Man” date from Dylan’s first show in England at the Royal Festival Hall on May 17th, 1964.  These two surfaced recently on the Fantasy Acetate and also on the More From The Vaults compilation.  These tracks are followed by the acoustic version of “Outlaw Blues.”  This is from a session on January 13th, 1965 and is also found on both the More From The Vaults compilation and in the iTunes Collection

“Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?” is said to be from October 25th, 1965 but really comes from a Blonde On Blonde session on October 5th, 1965.  This is sourced from an acetate with a skip at 3:22 in the track.  “Keep It With Mine” is another Blonde On Blonde session dating from Columbia Music Row Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.  This is a three minute instrumental which some claim doesn’t even feature Dylan, but the harp playing could be his.  It is sourced from an acetate in good but scratchy quality.

The second disc begins with “Tell Me Momma” and “I Ain’t Got No Home,” two tracks from The Band:  A Musical History released in September 2005 by Columbia.  The former dates from the May 14th, 1966 show in Liverpool and the latter from the Woody Guthrie Memorial Concert in New York on January 20th, 1968.  “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean” is a track from the basement tapes that has been in circulation before.  “One Too Many Mornings” is from the Johnny Cash / Bob Dylan session on February 18th, 1969.  This has been released before with video an is interesting for the engineer calling the song “A Thousand Miles Behind” at the beginning.  It is a good, country picking interpretation of the classic Dylan track.  “Song To Woody” comes from the second Self Portrait / New Morning session at CBS recording studio in New York on May 1st, 1970.  This session also features George Harrison (guitar and backup vocals), Charlie Daniels (bass guitar and backup vocals), Bob Johnston (piano), and Russ Kunkel (drums). 

“If Not For You” is a great recording which features both George Harrison and Dylan.  Recorded at a rehearsal for the Concert For Bangladesh on July 31st, 1971, this is a rip from the bonus features of the official DVD of the event released several years.  “Put My Money Down (Gimme My Money Back)” and “(Oh Babe) For You” date from  November 9th and 17th, 1971 at the Record Plant in New York.  Neither of these two have circulated before.  “Going Going Gone” from Planet Waves also has not circulated.  This is the vocal and guitar overdub track from the final mix with the Band’s contribution heard slightly in the background.  “What Will You Do When Jesus Comes” comes straight from the Renaldo & Clara soundtrack.  “Ain’t No Man Righteous (No Not One)” is from the November 16th, 1979 San Francisco show.  This is the final in the initial run of gospel shows and this track runs at the correct speed and sounds really nice.  “I Will Sing” is the final encore of the April 20th, 1980 Toronto show making its first appearance.  The only other live performance of the song comes three weeks later on May 18th in Akron, Ohio. 

“Let’s Keep It Between Us” dates from sessions at Rundown Studios in October 1980.  Although this song was played several times on the subsequent tour, it has never been officially released and this outtake is brand new.  The two following tracks, “Shot Of Love” and “In The Summertime,” are rough mixes of the commercial versions dating from Los Angeles in 1981 that also have not circulated before.  “Let It Be Me” is the B-side to the sing “Heart Of Mine,” released in May, 1981 on in Europe and Australia and has never appeared on a Dylan album.  “The Groom’s Still Waiting At The Altar” is a rough mix from the May 1981 sessions at Clover Studio and has circulated before.  “I And I” is listed as an Infidels dub mix from the Power Station in New York.  It is thirty seconds longer than the final cut with an engineer speaking at the end.  The final track on disc two is the “Sidewalks, Fences, And Walls” from the Down In The Groove sessions that surfaced last year.

The first track on disc three is “Soon” recorded on March 11th, 1987 at the Gershwin Gala.  This is circulating already in the same sound quality.  “Ring Them Bells” and “Dignity” are piano demos from the Oh Mercy sessions.  The latter has been officially released on the Chronicles bonus sampler.  “2 X 2,” “Born In Time,” “Wiggle Wiggle,” “TV Talkin’ Song,” “Unbelievable,” and “Under The Red Sky” all come from the Under The Red Sky sessions from March 1990.  Except for “TV Talkin’ Song” these are all previously unreleased and are in excellent quality. 

“Polly Vaughan,” “Catskill Serenade,”  “Miss The Mississippi And You,” and “Sloppy Drunk” date from the 1992 Bromberg sessions and have been in circulation.  “You Belong To Me” is probably from the World Gone Wrong sessions.  This track is taken straight off of the Natural Born Killers soundtrack including the dialogue from the film at the very end.  It is a gorgeous cover of the Patti Page song and hopefully someday the whole song will surface without the overdub.  “Any Way You Want Me,” “Lawdy Miss Clawdy,” “Money Honey,”  “Money Honey II” were recorded on September 30, 1994 in New York City.  All but “Any Way You Want Me” is brand new to this release.  This session seems to be for an uncompleted Elvis tribute.  “I Can’t Get You Off My Mind,” “Return To Me,” and “Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache” have all been officially released before. 

“Tell Old Bill” is from the summer of 2005 and was recorded for the North Country soundtrack.  The sessions and final song have surfaced before and were released by both Thinman and Rattlesnake.  “A Change Is Gonna Come” is from a 2004 Apollo Theater TV broadcast and has been in circulation before.  The final, unlisted track is forty-five seconds of the opening of Dylan’s radio broadcast.  The theme was baseball and it features him rhyming and singing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.”  The entire show was released as a bonus with Modern Times upon its initial release.  Fourth Time Around is packaged in a four fold glossy gatefold sleeve with photos from throughout his career and a booklet with liner notes.  This is a recommended collection despite the criticisms leveled at it from some collectors.  All of the Genuine Bootleg Series are collections of common and unreleased tracks and this is no exception.      

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  1. Really, in total, nothing new here in the revolutionary sense. Upgrades and obscure cuts that only the rabid completist could appreciate. Do we really need this release or is Scorpio just putting out stuff? This series started off with the some really great tracks and in all four volumes has had it high and low points. I’m afraid GBS4 is the low


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