Bob Dylan – Live At The Gaslight 1962 (Wonder Minnow WM 1001/1)

Live At The Gaslight 1962 (Wonder Minnow WM 1001/1)

Gaslight, New York, NY – October, 1962

Side A:  Barbara Allen, A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright, No More Auction Block, Rocks And Gravel

Side B: Moonshine Blues, John Brown, Cocaine, Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird, Handsome Molly, West Texas

Bob Dylan Live At The Gaslight 1962 is the first vinyl release in the Wonder Minnow catalogue.  It is a one disc release featuring music mostly from what is thought to be the third Gaslight tape.

These recordings, almost professional quality capturing a young Bob Dylan while working on his second album in the autumn of 1962, first surfaced in the late sixties and early seventies.  Early vinyl releases include Gaslight tapes (WEC 3814)  in 1973 on Contra Band Music with the Montreal 1962 tape on side one and Gaslight on side two, Dylan ’62 (FYG 7002 A/B) is a 1974 British release with some Witmark demos mixed in.  By far the most comprehensive is the 1985 German release Gaslight Tapes, 3LPs with the Gaslight tapes and the Carnegie Hall Hootenanny from September 1962 mixed in.

Several compact disc releases followed including Live at the Gaslight, on official release distributed through Starbucks coffee chain in 2005.

Because of the fragmentary nature of the recording, it is difficult to ascertain which track goes with which nights.  And the lack of audience noise or Dylan stage patter also detracts from the live atmosphere of the show.  Much of the Wonder Minnow release contains tracks from what is thought to be the third Gaslight tape, from “Barbara Allen” to “Moonshine Blues.”  Missing is “Black Cross.”

The rest of side B, from “John Brown” to “West Texas,” is from what is thought to be the second Gaslight tape.  The sound quality for both are equally excellent and well balanced.  Hearing it on vinyl emphasizes more of the warmth and intimacy of the performance along with much better audio fidelity.

Wonder Minnow package the LP in a gorgeous sleeve and is individually numbered in the upper right hand corner by hand.  The label print a disclaimer saying it is not endorsed or approved by Bob Dylan or his management.  It looks very professionally done, however.  The actual discs are pressed on colored vinyl.  Live At The Gaslight 1962 is an excellent release worth having for audiophile collectors.   

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