Miscellaneous new releases from Japan

Brand new releases have appeared from the Far East;

Firstly, SpeakEzy’s ‘Who Is This?’ is a 2 CD set featuring a new tape transfer for the bands show from the Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany 4th September, 1972. The classic boot of the same name fills up disk two from a vinyl copy of this Rubber Dubber records pressing.

Xavel have released ‘Live In San Diego’, the Guns N’ Roses show from the Valley View Casino Center, San Diego, CA, USA 28th November, 2017. A 3 CD multi audience / IEM recording. There’s also a bulkier version featuring a multi camera audience shot version of the show on 2 Blu-Ray R and DVDR disks.

The Moonchild label have released two Dylan double CD sets, ‘The Best Of The RTR 1975’ and ‘The Best Of The RTR 1976’. Compilations of tracks that have previously appeared to boot before but collected here in a neat little set.

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