For the past few months I’ve been working on a “special project” for the Collectors Music Reviews site, and it’s time to start testing the “prototypes” now; as a longtime collector, one of the things that I’ve noticed over the years is that there are very few resources dedicated to the discography information of labels – sure, there are a handful of websites that are dedicated to the releases of a specific artist, and various retail shops’ stocklists, but no comprehensive lists of releases by label/catalog number.

  Thus, I’ve spent endless hours scouring the web and print resources for release information for several labels with the intention of creating some kind of database resource for collectors right here. Of course, I’m only scratching the surface as there are hundreds of labels, and most of you are aware that my speciality relates to Floyd releases, so I hope that other members here can contribute in their fields of expertise along the way.

  Also, though my efforts have proven fruitful, there are still some gaps in various discographies that I hope other members here can help to fill in, and additionally, these will need to be maintained as new reviews are posted as well as when new items are released – so please contribute what you can by leaving comments or passing on information that is relevant – be it awareness of a release that is missing or information about a release that has been printed incorrectly on the CD inserts (etc.)

  Each label will have it’s own page here on the site, listing the releases in order by catalog number. Any release that has a review here on CMR will be hyperlinked to the appropriate page.

  The basic format for each entry is as follows: catalog number, artist, title, venue information (when known), city/country, and date of performance. Any details regarding the release such as corrected content information will follow, and in the instances where a label has both silver and CDR releases, the CDR releases will be noted as such.

  Lastly, I’ll be listing the labels that have discographies posted in this article as well alphabetically, with links to the appropriate page for convenience.

  I hope all this effort proves to be useful to collectors both new and old, and again, I stress that contributions are very much encouraged here!



PS. Despite the fact that Pro-CDR only labels generally fall outside the scope of this website, I’ve elected to include the discographies of a select handful due to their relationships with labels that produce predominantly silver discs, and the fact that the content is related as well.  



Apocalypse Sound

Crystal Cat

The Godfather Records








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  1. This is an extremely good idea and a chance to obtain these lovely bits nicely ordered. Heavily compared and highly recommended by the person who is managing his own database.


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