Fed Up With Collecting-A Long Time Coming!

Most of you know me by my screen handle of Unklejimbo.  I’ve been collecting Zep boots since 1989.  By most standards my collection was meager, but was good enough for me. Anybody remember Waggle Records?

In 1994 I started buying tapes from ads from Goldmine Magazine, in 1999 I got onto the net and from there it started to get really crazy. There comes a time though when the hobby ceased to be a hobby and became a chore.

So why am I fed up?

Back in the day there were MANY bootleg labels competing for my money at every corner of the world.  Now Japan seems to be the hub of all Zeppelin bootleg activity:  supply and demand, and they know it too.  This is why they can charge out the @$$ for a bootleg.

If a bootleg company releases a show on CD, they should release the absolute best version they can find. Don’t claim you’re releasing an upgrade if you’re just packaging the same old show with only the levels boosted to hell. If you don’t know what you are doing LEAVE THE TAPES ALONE.

Great packaging and sound should be the standard.  Seriously, how many versions of Destroyer does one need? The only way I would buy that set again is if TSRTS was complete.

There are fans out there who bust their chops re mastering recordings. Some of them have really set a standard. Their work has been ripped off too. Its the nature of the beast, and its not going to stop  So I say rather than take their hard work and package it under another name, present it as is.

Whatever happened to the days where a bootleg label had a reputation to uphold? For my money no label can match The Diagrams of Led Zeppelin. They may have been prolific, but at least ALL their releases are worth having.

Also I bemoan the fact that our community is not united towards a common goal. Preserving the live legacy and spreading this music to the uninitiated should be what we are all after. Check your egos at the door folks. I get more pleasure from turning people on to Led Zeppelin who NEVER heard a  bootleg, then trading for an umpteenth upgrade of 8/31/69.

And by the way, the Zeppelin live legacy did not end on 7/7/80.  Don’t ignore the post Zeppelin work.


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  1. I agree with TDOLZ label. Some great, cheap releases.I started collecting Led Zep around 1998 and pretty much gave up by 20003 or so. I still can’t believe the prices Japanese dealers are still charging. Especially cdr-‘s! You would think prices would come down after awhile. I guess the Yakuza still wants their cut.

  2. I remember Waggle and Rock Solid(and Tmoq for that matter)I started collecting Zeppelin in 1978.The 90s were just insane to keep up with all the releases.I gave up!!But,recently I am hooked again ..thanks to the Godfather.Quality without insane prices.

  3. I’ll second the past with some TDOLZ praise!


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