Five Tapes That I Wish Would Surface

…two that I consider holy grail searches are:

1.  Feb. 24th, 1968 Jimi Jams with Robbie Robertson and the Hawks at the CNE Colisseum, Toronto

2.  June 16th, 1968 Jimi jams with Jeff Beck at the daytop music Festival during the day and later that evening at the Scene Club again with Jeff Beck.

by Nech
Being a hard core Led Zeppelin fan my list is solely based on them and I consider it to be a personal Holy Grail List. Some of these are rumoured to exist, some are just flights of fancy, but all are tapes I wish would see the light of day.

1) October 17, 1969 Carnegie Hall, New York, New York. Have long heard of this one being professionally taped and hoarded. Discussions about this have gone through the various on line Zep groups for years. Zeppelin in Carnegie Hall…what more can I say?

2 ) August 16, 1969 Asbury Park Convention Center, Asbury Park, New Jersey. Some went to Woodstock, the smart ones went to Asbury Park! A personal one as my best friend was there and often talks of being chastised by Joe Cocker as they walked in late on his set. As he puts it “Well, We came to see Zeppelin!”

3) December 26, 1968 Denver Coliseum, Denver, Colorado. Led Zeppelin’s 1st ever date in the United States. Strictly from a historical perspective one for the books.

4) January 26,1969 Boston Tea Party, Boston Mass. Legend has it that this was one of Led Zeppelin’s longest ever shows spanning over 4 1/2 hours. After exhausting their catalogue they went on playing Beatles classics and whatever they could jam together. A 90 minute tape of this gig is out there, but again, rumour has it the full show exists.

5 ) Any soundboard from Led Zeppelin’s legendary run at MSG in June of 1977. For me the 8th or 14th in particular… Snippets of soundboard have surfaced for 6/11 and colour footage exists as well. But for either a complete 6/14 to surface or any more sbds of these nights would just the icing on the cake.

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  1. Hmmm; a highgrade SB from Cream; circa 1966

  2. Guess we can check #5 off the list with EV’s Magical Sound Boogie.


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