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Empress Valley’s ‘Deus Ex Machina’ gets it’s release!

One of the biggest releases from one of the world’s king of bootleggers has been released and is presented in a grand style.

‘Deus Ex Machina’ features – for the first time anywhere – Led Zeppelin’s show in Seattle on the 21st of March, 1975. A soundboard source, this is one of THE shows on collectors lists that was worth waiting for and wait for it we have. Since it’s rumoured appearance to ‘Heartbreaker’ appearing on the sampler promo, seems to have taken an age but now it’s here and in three variations;

The Standard version features 8CDs in a box containing the March 21st, 1975 SBD(4CD) + AUD recording (4CD) with a 22pp book.

The Deluxe version features a 14CD Box including the March 17th & 21st 1975 SBDs (3CD)+ AUD recording (3CD) for the 17th, SBD(4CD)+AUD(4CD) for the 21st along with the Seattle 1975 22pp photo book.

The third version is titled the ‘promotion version’ – 2 SBD shows (7CD) with the Seattle 1975 22pp photo book. Limited to 100 numbered copies.

Almost as soon as the set was released it was dropped on to sharing sites despite the label imploring people not to share lest the ‘robin hood’ effect takes away from the explosion of hubris that the label wanted from this release. How this immediate leak affects future releases, we’ll wait and see ..

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  1. If not eelgrass ( just fine by me ), then perhaps Eat A Peach ( even better! )

  2. EV imploring the non sharing of this release was both pointless and naive. When for some people, the cost of one these sets is around a weeks pay, it was always going to get downloaded to infinity. That said, I do understand EV’s marketing strategy of putting together exclusive high quality box sets and pricing them accordingly. They do need to recoup costs and turn a profit to continue to make these releases. However, I can’t help thinking that this strategy is flawed as pitching the product at a more affordable price level and increasing the pressing run, may spread the love further without impacting on profit. But what do I know. As much as I want this release I’ll probably wait for eelgrass or the like to release it. As much as I’m critical of EV I’m very glad they are around and long may they continue to put new shows out there for us.

  3. Completely unnecessary, my friend, as I believe that Eelgrass will reissue this show with some little upgrade in the nearest future for a budget price.

    • Eelgrass haven’t released anything in quite a while though – will they actually be copying this release or would that fall to another of their counterparts to do it – or will it even reach that stage with this sudden leak?

  4. I am anxiously awaiting my copy, although my kids may have to go without shoes for a little while !

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