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Empress Valley’s ‘Hakone ‘71’ launches.

As the year 2020 wrapped up, the Empress Valley label launched their latest great find – A new source for the first of Pink Floyd’s appearance’s at the Hakone festival in 1971.

The second show has been released previously on different labels but this is the premier of the new source – a taping of the first show.

Packaged in a collection unfriendly 7” paper sleeve, those of you who who own any of the variants of the second show will be pleased to know you’re not being asked to buy that again.

If you liked this review, buy me a cup of joe. (Suggested: $3 a shot or $7.5 for a double)

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  1. The Hakone Festival took place over two days, this new recording is actually from the first day August 6, this is confirmed by after concert announcements. This recording differs from the other recordings, the existing recordings are now being labeled as august 7.

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