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Led Zeppelin – For Your Love: The Legendary Fillmore Series West-Vol. 4 (Empress Valley EVSD-414/415)

For Your Love:  The Legendary Fillmore Series West-Vol. 4 (Empress Valley EVSD-414/415)

Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA – January 10th, 1969

Disc 1:  Train Kept a Rollin’, I Can’t Quit You, As Long As I Have You, Dazed and Confused, How Many More Times

Disc 2:  White Summer / Black Mountain Side, Killing Floor, You Shook Me, Pat’s Delight, Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, Communication Breakdown, For Your Love

Empress Valley takes their stab at one of the earliest, most complete Led Zeppelin tapes in existence.  The tape first saw the light of day on East West on Digger (coupled with the Fillmore East February 1st, 1969 tape).  Live In San Francisco (Black Panther BPCD 002) contains “Dazed & Confused”, “How Many More Times”, “White Summer”, “You Shook Me”, “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”, “Communication Breakdown”, and “For Your Love”. 

“For Your Love” appears on Tales From The Riverside (Luna Records LU 9309) along with other tidbits from 1969 and 1970 and on The Complete Tapes on Tintagel.  For Your Love on Silver Rarities (SIRA 134/135), released in 1994, was the first release of the entire show and was followed by the American title Whole Lotta For Your Love on the American label Pirate with other 1969 fragments.

Akashic released Young Zep (Akashic AKA-2) which was followed by Live Adventure At Fillmore West on Wendy.  For Your Love is the fourth of Empress Valley’s Legendary Fillmore Series and sounds very similar to the other complete versions.  EV have increased the volume over Wendy so it is easier to hear, but there is more noticeable distortion in the higher end too which becomes annoying, especially through headphones. 

The show is fantastic, one of the shows that broke Zeppelin in the States and is an essential tape to own.  There is more detail in my review of the Wendy release.  Overall the Empress Valley is a slight improvement over previous releases but not by much and doesn’t warrant an upgrade in your collection.  If you don’t have it then pick this one up.  It has a cool picture on the cover too! 

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  3. $525? I call that a bargain (the best I ever had).

  4. Thank you Robert! Speaking of Zepp; i saw Good Ole Led zeppelin tarantura label. The guy has it says mint condition; never been opened; but…. $525 dollars; jeez!

  5. Graham’s Superb Vol 1 (Image Quality IQ-059/060)
    Avocado Club • The Legendary Fillmore Series-West Vol,1 (Empress Valley)

  6. What title is 4-26 on?

  7. 4-26-1969 winterland is killer also.

  8. I also have 4-25-1069 (How Many More Years) Am desiring to have the Zeppelin shows from the Fillmore & Winterland that are “Must Have’s”

  9. Assistance from someone;please! I have the Zeppelin shows from jan 10th-1969 january,11th 1969 januaru 12th,1969 (fresh Garbage) April 24th,1969, April 27th,1969 (Go West Young Man) Listen to this Luis 1-11-1969. Blues Anytime 4-24-1969; WHAT do i need to complete the West Coast shows from 1969? THANKS!

  10. Thank you taper for capturing this early important incredible show. I remember getting the SIRA when released and listening to it over and over and over. I can’t comment on the Akashic since I don’t have however I do believe the EV is sourced from a lower gen (1st??) and I think is brighter compared to SIRA.

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