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Led Zeppelin – Rampaging Cajun 2/28/75 (Empress Valley – EVSD 534, 535,536)


Rampaging Cajun 2/28/75 (Empress Valley – EVSD 534, 535, 536) + 3 CD Audience Bonus CD
Louisiana State University Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Feb. 28 1975.

CD1: Band Announcements/Rock And Roll/Sick Again/Over The Hills And Far Away/In My Time Of Dying/The Song Remains The Same/The Rain Song/Kashmir
CD2: No Quarter/Trampled Underfoot/Moby Dick
CD3: Dazed And Confused medley incl. Woodstock/Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love medley incl. The Crunge/Out On The Tiles Intro/Black Dog

Empress Valley has released for the first time a soundboard source for Baton Rouge 2/28/75.  The release came late December 2009 with several offerings/packaging.  I purchased the type B which includes the soundboard 3 CD in a sharp digipack case with a bonus 3 CD audience source in a single paper slip case similar if not the same as the one used for the combination release of Snow Jobs a few years ago.

As with their prior 75′ soundboard releases this one is quite nice to listen to although pricey to obtain.  Disks 2 and 3 of the soundboard sound better than disk 1 – especially “No Quarter” – fantastic!  Plant’s voice sounds a bit off at the start but improves during the show.  The sound seems to be well balanced with even bass and sharpness on the vocals and Page’s guitar.

Despite the cost I totally enjoyed this release – it is as good as their recent soundboard releases (Long Beach Californication) if not better – at least better in some spots.  I would rate it is as a superb soundboard that is worth the effort and cost to acquire it.  It will be interesting to see what others say….I have to say two thumbs up! (R. Schnell, Jan 2010)

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  1. Another great sb release from ev. The best ever version of OTHAFA? I think so. Beautiful bluesey NQ. One of the best shows from 75, fresh from a tour break and ready to rock. Islander

  2. This is an excellent release and a must have. The sound is stunning! You can’t go wrong with either the Empress Valley release or the Eel Grass version, which is a direct copy.

  3. Yes – EV scored big with this one – it is one of the best to date. I only hope there is more to come – for now things are pretty dreary……….

  4. i have a copy you are right it is that good

  5. For sure – there are lots of folks begging for a free download or copy of this show – the word is out and it probably will not be terribly long before another title copies and releases the same title at a lesser cost, but make no mistake, for the collector the EV version is the original and so far the best!

  6. I too bought type B. I thought it worth the cost. The packaging was good and the show very enjoyable.

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