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Led Zeppelin soundboard news from Empress Valley

From the Far East, news has begun to spring up from over the past few days. The latest of this exciting announcements is that the label have offered out a new ‘single’ CD.

Yes, one track, not even an EP. The tracks is ‘Immigrant Song’ from Led Zep’s show at the Osaka Festival hall on the 29th September, 1971 in an elaborate paper sleeve (Similar to ‘Through The Out Door’) – limited to 100 copies and in 5 different colours, there is a set of 5 being made available too.

Is a full soundboard about to be released? We’ll see ..

The other buzz is a Derek and The Dominos soundboard from The Fillmore titled, ‘The Age Of Stratosphere’ – A multi disk hybrid of the new source and an aud. recording, this drops in May, though, due to the issues that the label had with ‘Deus Ex Machina’, looks like it might be only available to pre-order for first pressings.

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  1. I received my 5 “Immigrant Song 929” copies Friday 16th together with 5 copies of the “Black Dog 928” cover … which can be seen here:
    Envelopes: https://imgur.com/a/TD8Z1
    Black Dog covers: https://imgur.com/a/owCdN
    Immigrant Song covers: https://imgur.com/a/c8c4A
    All Ukiyo-e covers: https://imgur.com/a/TaA3N

  2. here is a link to a two minute MP3 sample, definitely not another version of the recording we are familiar with, to my ears sounds really good.

    http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/ … R_idx=2487

  3. Careful Axeman Eugene

    Isn’t that Derek & The Dominos release at the Fillmore East from their 1970 shows of October 23 & 24? Aren’t some of the tracks actually pirate recordings since they’ve been officially-released?

    And speaking of the official release, I remember that when the “Layla (& Other Assorted Love Songs)” album was re-released on CD several years ago (was it early 2013?) as multi-disc remastered & expanded deluxe editions, the Polydor label was also supposed to re-release that officially-released “Live at the Fillmore” (2CD) album as a remastered & expanded deluxe edition as well, either at the same time as “Layla” or very shortly thereafter, but somehow they apparently never did due to some type of manufacturing error, or something like that. At least that’s what I remember my local record store owner telling me at the time. If it’s actually true, when why has it apparently still never been re-released, almost 5 years later?

    • Careful Axeman Eugene

      Also, isn’t the Derek & The Dominos release actually supposed to be called “Ace of Stratosphere” rather than “Ace of Stratocaster”?

      • Yes, that was a typo again on my part. All fixed now – I’m still waiting to hear why it’s an upgrade or shouldn’t be deemed a ‘pirate’ release (And quite why it commands the hyperbole that ‘pre-orders’ only gives it.)

  4. EV is teasing the hell out of us, drop us a tidbit of info !
    A full 71 Japanese date in true soundboard quality would be incredible. That being said, I’ll wait for the download fir one song

    • Careful Axeman Eugene

      What about Wendy’s supposedly “definitive” 6CD that was released not too long ago? I got it…didn’t anybody else here, or am I the only one? It’s the one called “Live In Japan 1971 929”, and the first 3 discs are supposedly the definitive true soundboard (I can’t remember the exact words they used, but they swear that it really is a new, definitive true soundboard), and the last 3 discs are supposedly the definitive of the very best audience source available. The artwork even includes a chart to show every patch used to make it also the longest, most complete version available. I’m certainly no expert on this particular legendary show, but the supposedly definitive soundboard (1st 3 discs), certainly sounded the very best I’ve ever heard of any version of the show, even better than the “929” 3CD silver releases that were released by the “no label” label, the 2nd of which preceded Wendy’s 6CD version by less than a few months, with the first of the “no label” versions (the 2nd one is supposedly just a very tiny upgrade in sound quality over the 1st one) coming just a few months after it had been initially released as a “Winston Remaster” 3-pro-CDR so-called “free-gift” item sometime in either 2015 or 2016. I can say that at the very least, Wendy’s 6CD version certainly sounds much, much better than one of their “Fatally Wanderer” 3CD releases (can’t even remember which particular one), which sounded downright horrible to me…esp. on the opening track, “Immigrant Song”, which sounded considerably muffled & rough to my ears.

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