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Pink Floyd – Another Wall – Empress Valley

The Empress Valley label have recently released a deeply curated and researched compilation of early takes and studio demos that will complement the official ‘The Wall’ album.

A two disk set packed with umpteen variations and oddities that were cut from the album before it’s eventual release. From the look of the liner notes online (Running in excess of 3 pages long), there has been no stone unturned in ensuring this comp should be the last word in putting this material together.

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  1. Careful Axeman Eugene

    In case anybody wants to know, here’s a proctological track listing, as provided to me by the finest amateur proctologists & veterinary proctologists in the USA (the USA is world-renowned for having the very best ones)…..

    01. Prelude [Vera Lynn] (outtake)
    02. Another brick in the wall (intro) (outtake)
    03. In the flesh? (From “The Wall”)
    04. The thin ice (early version)
    05. Another brick in the wall (part 1) (from “The Wall”)
    06. Teacher, teacher (outtake / demo)
    07. Another brick in the wall (part 2 prelude) (outtake)
    08. The happiest days of our lives (from “The Wall”)
    09. Another brick in the wall (part 2) (from “The Wall”)
    10. Mother (from “The Wall”)
    11. When the tigers broke free (single version)
    12. The thin ice (reprise) (outtake)
    13. Goodbye blue sky (alternate extended mix)
    14. What shall we do now? (From “The Wall” film)
    15. Young lust (early version)
    16. Sexual revolution (outtake / demo )
    17. Another brick in the wall (part 3 prelude)
    18. One of my turns (single B-side version)
    19. Don’t leave me now (early rough mix)
    20. Empty spaces (from “The Wall”)
    21. Another brick in the wall (part 3) (from “The Wall”)
    22. The last few bricks (outtake)
    23. Goodbye cruel world (from “The Wall”)

    01. Hey you (from “The Wall”)
    02. Is there anybody out there (part 1)
    03. Nobody home (from “The Wall”)
    04. The final cut (from “The Final Cut”)
    05. Is there anybody out there (outtake)
    06. Vera (alternate take)
    07. Is there anybody out there (part 3) (outtake)
    08. Bring the boys back home (single B-side version)
    09. Comfortably numb (from “The” Wall ”)
    10. The show must go on (alternate lyrics)
    11. In the flesh (from“ The Wall ”)
    12. Run like hell (extended promo mix)
    13. Waiting for the worms (early version)
    14. Stop (from “The Wall”)
    15. The trial (from “The Wall”)
    16. Outside the wall (alternate version)
    17. It’s not easy (outtake)

    Anybody know about the new Derek & The Dominos release called “My Heart is No Longer with You” by Empress Valley & Mid Valley? Apparently there’s at least 2 different versions…a 6CD version & a 1CD version.

  2. Careful Axeman Eugene

    Thanks for this very interesting info./news, but I can’t imagine there being anything truly new here that hasn’t already been released before, and I’ve been collecting just about each & every Wall rarity commercially available over all these years. I could turn out to be incorrect, but esp. considering Empress Valley’s rather expensive prices, I seriously doubt that any serious Floyd collectors will actually need this. Maybe I’m just getting tired of spending my $$$ on “The Wall” boots (& official releases as well). If there does turn out to be anything truly new, hopefully a low-budget label such as Eelgrass or Moonchild will promptly release their own inexpensive “versions”…even if they’re just identical copycats.

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